10 famous first dogs [SLIDESHOW]

Sunny the Portuguese water dog may have appeared in the press for her recent White House antics, but what about some of the other presidential pooches? The Daily Caller examines some other famous First Dogs in this slideshow.

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  • President Eisenhower had a weimaraner named Heidi. (Photo:
  • The Kennedy family owned multiple pets, including nine dogs. (Photo:
  • Lyndon B. Johnson took a lot of flak for this photo, where he picks up his beagle Him by the ears. Johnson owned two beagles, Him and Her, during his time in the Oval Office. (Photo:
  • Preisdent Nixon owned the most controversial dog in America, after his campaign speech claiming that the only campaign gift he ever received was a cocker spaniel named Checkers. (Photo: dev.ijreview)
  • President Gerald Ford enjoyed relaxing with Liberty, his golden retriever. (Photo: vH1)
  • Grits the border collie became the first dog to get kicked out of the White House after President Carter returned the pup to his daughter's schoolteacher, who had given Grits to Amy Carter as a gift. (Photo: Washington Post)
  • Ronald Reagan was also a fan of spaniels, as shown by this photo of Rex, his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. (Photo: act.mtv)
  • George H. W. Bush's springer spaniel Millie was the mother of George W. Bush's other dog, Spot. Millie is pictured here having her pawprint cast. (Photo: White House Archives)
  • President Clinton liked to hang out with Buddy, his chocolate lab. (Photo: Mother Jones)
  • President George W. Bush had two dogs during his presidency. He's pictured here with his Scottish Terrier, Barney. (Photo: New York Daily)