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Ted Cruz: Obama ‘didn’t say a single word’ to the 5 million Americans with cancelled health insurance

President Obama called for the federal government to focus on the “hopes” and “aspirations” of American citizens during his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. But Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz noticed one class of American citizens missing from the president’s promise — namely, “the over five million Americans who’ve had their health insurance cancelled because of Obamacare.”

Cruz spoke with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly minutes after the speech’s conclusion. The network anchor asked the senator what he thought about President Obama’s pledge for a “year of action.”

“You know, it’s interesting, because there’s very little ‘action’ there that was actually responsive to what the American people are feeling and what they’re experiencing,” Cruz began. “If you listen to what he said tonight, he didn’t say a single word that acknowledged that the Obama economic policies have resulted in the lowest labor force participation since 1978. Millions of Americans have lost [their] jobs because of the Obama economic policies.”

The Tea Party darling noted that Americans may have had enough of government worrying about their problems.

“We’ve had an awful lot of government focused on the lives of the American people,” he noted. “Spying on our cell phones, on our emails — whether it’s the NSA or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or HHS or the IRS. And you’re right, a lot of Americans would like the government to butt out.”

“But even more importantly,” he continued, “people would like the government to stop putting massive regulations, massive taxes, that are killing small businesses and are killing jobs. Obamacare is the biggest job killer in the country.”

“You know what was striking, Megyn, tonight throughout an hour-plus speech?” Cruz asked. “The president didn’t say a single word to the over five million Americans who’ve had their health insurance cancelled because of Obamacare. He left them in the cold.”

“If he thinks Americans want action,” the senator concluded, “what they’d like is for the federal government to stop taking away their health insurance, taking away their jobs, forcing them into part-time work. And sadly, he provided no relief whatsoever on those grounds.”

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