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Cayden Taipalus (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Cayden Taipalus (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)  

8-year-old raises $27,000 for fellow students

A Michigan third-grader has raised over $27,000 to help his fellow students buy lunch, proving not all kids are narcissistic idiots.

Cayden Taipalus, 8, saw a boy at his school settle for a cheese sandwich when he couldn’t afford a hot lunch. He decided he’d like to help, reports The Detroit Free Press.

Taipalus and his mom, Amber Melke-Peters, initially raised $64 via donations from friends, family and bottle and can returns. After donating that money to Howell Public Schools to help students pay delinquent lunch fees, they started a fundraising website – Pay it Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry.

Just a month later, 967 people have donated $27,800 to his cause. His goal is to raise $30,000.

Taipalus used the initial money to  pay off and then contribute to low-income kids delinquent lunch accounts in his school. According to his website, his goal is to do the same for all the elementary schools in his county.

Donors have left encouraging messages for Taipalus. “He is a little hero, seriously!” said Natalie Dance.

Others are irritated someone else hasn’t taken care of the problem. “We shouldn’t have to do this,” wrote an anonymous giver.” David Williams, from the UK, wrote that if school is mandatory, school dinners should be too.