Sam Adams releases funny April Fools commercial

Sarah Hofmann | Contributor

Sam Adams is one of America’s favorite beer brands. Despite their big name, they still have a sense of humor.

For April Fool’s Day, they decided to have a little fun with video editing and gullible consumers by releasing a commercial for their “new beer HeliYUM.” The tagline on their YouTube page reads, “While devoting ourselves to the ‘Noble’ pursuit of perfecting the flavor of Noble Hops we’ve been exploring Noble Gasses as well.”

Clearly the joke was lost on some, shown through one of the comments on the page. YouTube user WiNGSPAN TT wrote, “Americans need to BOYCOTT this beer. Helium in large doses can displace large amounts of oxygen in the brain, causing NEURAL DAMAGE. Maybe if the people at Sam Adams spent less time drinking this stuff, they’d be able to think of something less dangerous!!!”

At least Jim Koch and the Sam Adams employees featured in the video seemed to have a good time with the chipmunk-producing sound effects.


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