This mom obliterates bizarre Common Core math question

The litany of bizarre Common Core-aligned math worksheets never ends. In recent weeks, though, kids and parents have begun to fight back in creative ways.

In the most recent instance, New York parent Deanne Knight addressed a confusing Common Core-aligned math question, reports.

Knight and her daughter, who is in first grade, encountered the question when it¬†appeared on a worksheet from the New York Department of Education’s EngageNY lesson plan website.

The worksheet contains the words “NY’s Common Core Mathematics Curriculum.”

Like so many other worksheets based on the Common Core standards from around the country, the question forces students to review some fake student’s useless and completely unnecessary work on a very simple math problem.

After that, students and parents must do the same useless and completely unnecessary work in a way that the Common Core math problem creators deem correct.

In this particular problem, the simple math at issue is: 19 + 6. However, the correct answer requires “making new drawings in the space below.” Not only that, but students are supposed to write “a suggestion for improvement” for adding 19 and 6.

Well, Knight got fed up. In big letters, she wrote on her daughter’s worksheet: “Go back to basic math! — mom’s opinion!”

Take a look:

Common Core question courtesty of Eagnews

“This example of her homework really made me question what our state education system in New York is thinking,” Knight told EAGnews. “My child, let alone any six-year-old, in my opinion, would be hard pressed to comprehend the question being asked.”

“I was so dumbfounded by the question that I could not help but respond to the question with a grain of sarcasm and frustration,” the annoyed mom added.

The constantly burgeoning inventory of sad and hideous Common Core math problems is long and perpetually growing.