Oberlin College Mulls Ban On Gender Pronouns, Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training

Eric Owens | Editor

Oberlin College, a smallish hothouse of leftist folly about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio, is contemplating a complex set of rules designed to make the athletic department more hospitable for transgender people.

The new rules would mandate transgender sensitivity training for all coaches and athletic staff members, reports Campus Reform.

In addition, the new policy would replace all gender-specific pronouns – she, her, hers, he, her, hers – with plural equivalents they, them and theirs.

Student-athletes don’t have to attend the required training sessions, but they would be “strongly encouraged.”

The new rules would also require all athletic department paperwork to say “a transgender student-athlete who was designated a female at birth and is/is not taking medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy related to gender transition” for female students who have decided they are now male students.

For male students who have decided they are now female students, the new wording would be “a transgender student-athlete who was designated a male at birth and is/is not taking medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy related to gender transition.”

The current lingo for these individuals at Oberlin is “FTM,” which stands for female-to-male, and “MTF,” which stands for male-to-female.

It’s not clear how many transgender students are playing sports at Oberlin right now, or the teams for which they are playing.

The changes are part of a draft policy proposed at the end of April entitled “Guidelines for Inclusion and Respectful Treatment of Intercollegiate Transgender Student Athletes.” The policy was developed by Oberlin’s Transgender Participation Advisory Committee.

The policy is expected to be implemented in the fall of 2015, according to Oberlin’s student newspaper.

“It is basically intended to sort of be a 101,” Oberlin junior Emily Clarke, a member of the longwinded committee, told Campus Reform. “We also talk about choice, privilege and agency in presentation of gender and pronouns and ends with trans-allyship dos and don’ts.”

The rationale behind the policy is that it’s wrong to “question people about their transitioning processes,” Clarke explained.

“Don’t use ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’ when addressing a group of people,” she added, according to Campus Reform.

By the way, Clarke was once a member of the Oberlin Rhinos, the rugby team on campus for women and trans-inclusive people.

Oberlin is, of course, best known for a 2013 hoax involving two Obama-supporting white kids who allegedly circulated virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus. (RELATED: Meet the privileged Obama-supporting white kids who perpetrated cruel Oberlin race hoax)

In response to the hoax, school president Marvin Krislov called off school for a day and made a huge fuss, despite possibly knowing full well it was all a hoax.

Also last academic year, an Oberlin College professor filed a lawsuit because, she claimed, another professor on the Oberlin faculty had harassed her and created a hostile work environment for female employees for years. (RELATED: This week in Muslims threatening to stab a professor and setting a dead teacher on fire)

The professor, Eunjung An, alleged that her colleague, Ali Yedes, had informed an unnamed Oberlin employee that he had helped his nephew obtain a student visa to the United States expressly to “stab and kill someone from his department.”

According to the Oberlin College website, Yedes served at the time as the school’s “Muslim Religious Life Affiliate (Islamic Center of Cleveland).”

In response to the lawsuit, Yedes filed a countersuit claiming that An had told a bunch of lies about him. Yedes has also claimed that another professor, Arabic professor Samir Amin Abdellatif, falsely claimed that he, Yedes, joined an interfaith religious group so he could spy on Jewish people.

In September 2013, Oberlin school officials altered a bizarre trespassing policy dating back to the 1970s which involved a secret list of people blackballed from the campus. Under that policy, school officials did not notify the individuals on the clandestine no-trespassing list that they were on it—or how long they had been on it, or how long they would stay on it. These people were also barred from finding out what they had done to merit placement on the list in the first place. (RELATED: This week in bizarro, unconstitutional tyranny at and around Oberlin College)

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