After World Sees Her Tush, Kate Middleton Hires Someone To Watch Her Butt

Kate Middleton has reportedly hired someone to guard her naked butt from opportunistic (and disrespectful!) photographers, because it’s someone else’s fault she refuses to wear underwear or dresses that won’t fly up in the wind.

The Daily Caller has thoroughly documented Kate’s battle with the wind, which have resulted in photos of her naked bum on more than one occasionShe’s also been photographed nude on vacation.

Palace officials know it’s important to protect the dignity and privacy of the royal family, so they’ve hired a female “minder,” to make sure Kate wears underwear accompany her on shopping trips and stand guard when she’s in dressing rooms, reports The Daily Star.

“Kate will now be watched all the time,” a source told the Star. “We can’t afford any more embarrassing photos like this.”

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