Taliban Cuts Off Index Fingers Of Afghan Voters

Jim Treacher | Blogger

The ink-dipped finger has become a symbol of burgeoning democracy in the Middle East. That’s why our good friends in the Taliban, fresh from their victory over America, are cutting off the fingers of people who dare to vote in Afghanistan.

BBC News:

Taliban insurgents cut the index fingers off 11 Afghans who participated in this weekend’s presidential run-off poll, officials say.

The incident, a punishment for voting, occurred in western Herat province, police spokesman Raoud Ahamdi said…

Voting in Saturday’s poll was described as relatively peaceful despite a series of Taliban attacks that officials said had killed more than 50 people.

Yeah, but just look at all the people who weren’t maimed or killed.

Obama was willing to negotiate with these guys. He thought it was a good idea to embolden them by trading five of their own for one of our deserters.

We’ll be seeing their gratitude for a long time to come.

(Hat tip: Awr Hawkins)

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