12 Bulldogs That Are Actually More Athletic Than You [SLIDESHOW]

Because we could all use a little motivation to get moving.

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  • God bless 'Mericuh. (Photo: Mike Blake/ Reuters)
  • And after their long day of activity, they enjoy a glass of wine with their owners. (Photo Gary Hershorn/ Reuters)
  • Sometimes, they join their owners in Marine drills. (Photo: Mike Blake/ Reuters)
  • The can jump really (but not really) high. (Photo: Hannah Bleau for The Daily Caller)
  • Even when they don't skateboard, they at least sit on the board, which is probably more than you can say. (Photo: Shannon Stapleton/ Reuters)
  • They're basically professional skateboarders. (Photo: Hannah Bleau for The Daily Caller)
  • "Look ma, I can swim!" (Photo: Mike Blake/ Reuters)
  • They sign up for 5K mud runs. (Photo: Reuters)
  • Football is their favorite sport, obviously. (Photo: Rick Wilking/ Reuters)
  • Sometimes they compete in strong man competitions --- you know, pulling cars. (Photo: Alexander Demianchuk/ Reuters)
  • While you sleep in on Saturday mornings, they hit the waves. (Photo: Denis Poroy/ Reuters)
  • Bulldogs. They're majestic creatures and most likely more active than you. (Photo: Hannah Bleau for The Daily Caller)