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Thank You For Sharing: Reader Calls Me A ‘Dumb B*tch’

A truly lovely reader who I’ve never encountered before expressed himself over the weekend on Twitter regarding a story I wrote about getting stoned with a marijuana consultant. Apparently, he thinks I fabricated my story, which, of course, I did not. Perhaps he needs to brush up his people skills (and get a personality transplant so it’s not quite so vile).

Daniel Gilliland Jr. (no one you should know) starts out slow with this: “Hey Betsy, how about you stop writing bullshit stories to get bullshit views. You’re a fucking liar. Stop being you.”

He follows up with, “Dumb bitch writes lies to get page views. No fucking way you hallucinated, your story is bullshit. You’re being called out.”

Note to Mr. Gilliland: I never indicated that I “hallucinated,” nor do I think that’s what happened. Perhaps you hallucinated while reading my story? 

He continued, “All you can do is lie. Proof right here in this tweet conversation. You’re pathetic and I’m so happy I found your account.”

Really, Loser Jr. is filled with irrational hatred and yet he’s glad he found my account? Yeah, me too!

He concludes with this doozy: “You write gossip about people. What kind of merit do you think your words actually hold? You’re paid to talk shit.”

It’s true, Loser Jr., I do gossip reporting about people. I don’t think you can write things about species other than humans, but let me know if you learn otherwise.