Ten People Who Are Happy That Obama Is On Vacation [SLIDESHOW]

With President Barack Obama on vacation, these ten people are really thrilled that he’s going to be away from Washington, D.C. for awhile.

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  • Former president George W. Bush won't have to hear Obama blaming him. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • CNN can now focus their coverage solely on the Malaysian plane. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Abraham Lincoln memorial on the National Mall. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • The Washington Nationals won't have to endure Obama throwing out a first pitch. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • D.C. is simply a better place without Obama in it. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • John Boehner is happy to not have to deal with Obama. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Senator Ted Cruz is excited that now the camera is more likely to go to him! (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin won't have to listen to Obama complain about him. (Screenshot: YouTube)
  • The American people are ecstatic that Obama won't be around to put them further into debt! (Screenshot: YouTube)

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