Police Pepper-Spray ‘Larger Than Normal’ 6-Year-Old [VIDEO]

Police in Hancock, Md., pepper-sprayed someone they claim was an unusually large six-year-old boy who had stabbed his grandmother.

Deputies were called to the scene where the boy, who police described as “out of control” and “larger than normal,” was wielding knives after stabbing his grandmother and attempting to do the same to his mother, according to WJLA.

Officers issued one shot of pepper spray after they say the child, who weighs approximately 100 pounds, charged them while making stabbing motions with two butcher knives.

The kid dropped the knives and fell to the ground, police said, according to WJLA. He was transported to a medical center for a mental evaluation, but did not sustain injury from the mace. According to the television station he will not be charged with a crime due to his age.

The boy’s grandmother suffered a laceration on her hand but refused medical treatment.


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