#LeanOver, Chris Matthews! [VIDEO]

Ariel Cohen | Contributor

Have you heard some of the ridiculous stuff Christ Matthews has been saying on MSNBC lately?

The Media Research Center has, and they created a video mash-up of some of the liberal talk show hosts greatest flubs and most-laughable one-liners. Rather than having Matthews #LeanIn, they want him to #LeanOver.

The video description reads, “The best part about MSNBCers is that their craziness really speaks for itself. All we have to do is show the American people.”

The video calls Matthews a “professional white guy” and quotes him saying a slew of ridiculous things such as:

  •  “70 year old white people, I bet they voted overwhelmingly against Obama. They don’t even know why they did it, they just did it.”
  • “Mexicans were in Mexico”
  • “It’s the sense that the white race must rule”
  • “Why would an African American want to identify with a group that’s pro-states rights?”

and finally…

  • “the right wing are crazy”

Chris Matthews may want to take a look in the mirror and see who the real “crazy” one is. Until then, we get to continue enjoying all the ridiculous things he says!


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