Are These Tools Of The Police State? [SLIDESHOW]

Is this an MRAP? (Source:  Is this an MRAP? (Source:   

Following another chaotic night in Ferguson, Mo., Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, who came to fame as an embedded reporter at Guantanamo Bay, stumbled across what he believed to be rubber bullets fired by police while trying to enforce a midnight curfew on demonstrators gathered to protest the police shooting death of Michael Brown.


The soft-looking missile-shaped objects turned out to be something much more benign: earplugs. (RELATED: Hardened Ferguson Riot Correspondent Mistakes Earplugs For Rubber Bullets)

This prompted The Daily Caller to ask the legitimate question: Are these tools of the military police state?

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  • Is this a terrorist training camp? (Photo: Reuters)
  • Is this a bullet-proof vest? (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Are these hollow-point bullets? (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
  • Is that a police dog? (Photo: Pixabay)
  • Is this some sort of torture device? (Photo: Reuters)
  • Is this a terrorist training camp? (Photo: Reuters)
  • Is this an MRAP? (Photo:
  • Is this a gun? (Source: Youtube)
  • Is that a taser? (Photo: Wikipedia)
  • Is this a sting? (Photo: Flickr Commons)
  • Is that an IED? (Source: Getty)
  • Is that guy being profiled because of his stupid hair cut? (Photo: Flickr Commons)

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