Liberal Activists Plot To Sabotage Paul Ryan’s Book With Fake Covers

Progressive activists are launching a day-long, nationwide campaign Tuesday to sabotage the release of Paul Ryan’s new book by going to bookstores and wrapping the copies in demeaning fake covers.

The Agenda Project, a New York-based progressive activist group founded by former Democratic National Committee official Erica Payne, urged its supporters to print out a digitally altered cover of Ryan pushing an old woman off a cliff – a visual version of the talking point Democrats used against Ryan’s entitlement plan during his 2012 run for vice president – and cover copies of his book The Way Forward at stores while taking pictures of themselves for social media.

Here’s the fake cover, courtesy of a link in an early-morning Agenda Project email:


“Just print it out, take it to your nearest bookstore, and place it over the book jacket. Rep. Ryan is counting on us, let’s not let him down!,” Agenda Project founder Erica Payne wrote in an email to supporters at 4:01 AM Tuesday morning, which was disguised as a call for readers to “help” Ryan’s publishing company by placing corrected covers on his wrongly-dressed books.

“Remember to email us at [email protected] with any pictures you take of the corrected covers, and share them on social media with the tag #SaveGranny,” Payne wrote.

The activists’ planned conduct could fall under a number of different legal violations, including criminal mischief and property damage laws.

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