American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Admits Parts Of His Robbery Story Aren’t True [VIDEO]

David Hookstead | Reporter

Superstar American swimmer Ryan Lochte has admitted that parts of his story about being robbed were not true.

Lochte spoke to NBC’s Matt Lauer Wednesday night and changed his story. In Lochte’s new version of the robbery, he claims at no point was there ever a gun put to his head, which is a direct contradiction to his first version.

Lochte originally stated the robber, “pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, ‘Get down,’ and I put my hands up, I was like ‘whatever.’ He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cell phone, he left my credentials.”

The superstar swimmer is now saying a gun was “pointed in my direction,” but was never put to his head, according to Lauer’s conversation with him.

Lauer points out Lochte feels the changes to his story are simply “traumatic mischaracterization,” but others certainly don’t see it that way. (SLIDESHOW: This Nearly Naked Model Is All The Motivation You Need For The Olympics)


Lochte and his teammates were reportedly robbed at gun point by men posing as police officers, but their story has been called into question. (RELATED: Ryan Lochte Held At Gunpoint In Rio, His Mother Claims)

Ryan Lochte (USA) of USA REUTERS/Michael Dalder

Ryan Lochte (USA) of USA REUTERS/Michael Dalder

The gold medal winning swimmer has left Brazil and is safely in America, but his two teammates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were pulled off of a plane by the Brazilian authorities as they attempted to leave the country.

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