John Oliver Takes A Shot At ’47-Year-Old Boy Man’ Tucker Carlson [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc | Breaking News and Engagement Editor

During HBO’s Sunday broadcast of “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver took a tongue-in-cheek shot at Tucker Carlson.

While breaking down the American Health Care Act, Oliver pointed to an interview Speaker Paul Ryan gave Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” or, as Oliver calls it, “Tucker Carlson’s Second Second-Chance Attempt At His Own TV News Show, With Tucker Carlson.”


“‘I’m not a leftist,’ that’s true,” Oliver said, repeating The Daily Caller founder’s words. “Ryan’s plan is so harsh it just caused a 47-year-old boy man in a bowtie named Tucker to worry about seeming overly sympathetic to the poor.”

“Before you point out that Tucker Carlson isn’t wearing a bowtie,” he continued. “He is. Just not where you can see it.”

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