Jim Acosta: Could Trump’s Texas Visit Be ‘Harmful’? [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro on Thursday if Trump’s weekend visit to Houston could be “harmful.”

“And do you think that the president’s visit this weekend will be helpful or harmful?” Acosta asked during an interview. “What do you hope to see? I suppose you…want to see him shaking hands and meeting with storm victims.”

“People need to feel like he understands the depth of the tragedy and the pain and, more than that, that’s he gonna stick to this and make sure that the administration pushes a well-funded bill through Congress,” Castro responded.

“Whether or not his Texas trip makes sense on Saturday is whether or not he approaches it better than he did last time,” the mayor explained, as he said earlier in the interview that he thought Trump had over-politicized his first visit.

“We need a president and an administration that’s going to stick to that,” Castro concluded.


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