HuffPo Writer Destroys Hillary’s New Book In Review

Liam Clancy | Reporter

Huffington Post published a highly critical review Wednesday of Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened?”

“Clinton can write a book if she wants, and nobody gets to stop her. They’re not wrong. She has every right to write a book about the election. But not this book. Nobody should ever be allowed to write a book like this,” Sam Kriss writes.

Kriss continues, “She’s not trying to be honest or readable; Clinton is still desperate for you to support her campaign. Everything she writes feels metallic in the mouth, weightless and inauthentic.”

Kriss further critiques Hillary for trying to sound ‘authentic’ in the memoir, opining that “This is not how a 69-year-old woman writes. It’s an imitation of how some of her fans write, a sterile, chatty facsimile of a first-person blog. She wants, still, to be relatable.”

According to Kriss, the “recollections in ‘What Happened'” sound “ghost-written and focus-grouped” and as “fake as anything any career politician says.”

The review includes a multitude of other choice words for Clinton and the political establishment, such as “In the counter-democratic universe of establishment managerialism, elections are just another interview process for another government job.”

Kriss elucidates well the failings of Hillary Clinton as seen from the Left: she was just another lying, establishment politician with no true convictions. (RELATED: Hillary’s ‘What Happened’ Conveniently Ignores One Of The Campaign’s Biggest Scandals)

From the writer’s analysis of “What Happened?,” Kriss identifies why Clinton was unable to win over factions of the Left to ensure her victory.



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