MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Trump Represents A Time When People Of Color And Women ‘Knew Their Place’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

In a column published Friday at NBC News Digital, MSNBC’s Joy Reid argues that Donald Trump’s presidency represents a time when women and members of minorities “knew their place” — “which is not in the White House.”

Reid’s opinion piece, titled, “The Seeds of Trump’s Victory Were Sown the Moment Obama Won,” also suggests that only uneducated white people support Trump.

“It’s no coincidence that Trump’s dismal but stable approval ratings, stuck in the upper 30s, are propped up solely by support from majorities of white men and white Americans without a college degree, while his numbers are middling among all white Americans and deeply under water with every one else.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panel LAUGHS At Pictures Of ‘Working Class White Voters’ [VIDEO])

“‘Economic anxiety’ didn’t elect Trump. The desire of millions of Americans, from the farms to the suburbs, to see Mexican immigrants deported, a wall erected across the U.S. southern border and Muslims banned from entering this country did,” Reid also writes.

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