Brazile: ‘Channeled’ Michelle Obama Beats Telling Critics To ‘Go To Hell’

David Krayden | Ottawa Bureau Chief

Now Donna Brazile says she probably shouldn’t have told her detractors to “go to hell.”

The former DNC chairwoman told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Wednesday night that it would have been preferable for her to have “channeled” Michelle Obama. Brazile reminded viewers that the former First Lady was fond of saying to “go high” when confronted by naysayers.

At the 15:54 mark:

“I want to channel another woman who I admire so much, and that is Michelle Obama, who said when they go low, you go high,” Brazile said on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“And perhaps what I did on Sunday when I told some of my detractors to go to hell, and as you well know, some of my conservatives know, that I have always had a quick tongue. I’ve told people in the past when I really feel. I should have channeled Michelle and just go higher.”

The reversal was the latest in a Brazilian backtracking since Politico released excerpts from her political tell-all book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House. Last week she readily agreed with a question from CNN that Hillary Clinton’s grip on the Democratic Party apparatus constituted a “rigged” primary. By Sunday she was distancing herself from that description in an ABC News interview.

Bernie Sanders, who lost that primary to Clinton, said this week that the Democrats need to get their “act together.”

Brazile did not forget to plug Clinton’s book, What Happened, while she was on the show, assuring viewers that she had read it and recommended it to others.

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