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      Ben-Peter Terpstra

      Ben-Peter Terpstra is a freelance writer based in regional Victoria, Australia. He has lived and worked in the Northern Territory, Melbourne, Kyoto and London (England).

The BBC is blatantly anti-Christian

Advocates of “public broadcasting” often point to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as a role model for other television networks. I wonder if it bothers them that the BBC is hysterically anti-Christian.

Not all gay activists support gay marriage

12:27 PM 01/04/2011

They’re here and they’re queer. But don’t assume they’re all jumping on the gay marriage bandwagon, Katie Couric. The Against Equality collective -- a group of gay activists who oppose gay marriage -- has been “quietly assembling a digital archive to document the critical resistance to the politics of inclusion.” The result? A compelling pocketbook, Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage.

Decriminalizing drugs isn’t all sweetness and light

8:37 PM 12/20/2010

Go soft on drugs and we’ll enter a new era where the lamb will lie down with the lion, according to optimists. Crime will drop. The sun will shine. It all looks so compassionate-y and student-y. In the United Kingdom and Australia, though, some influential commentators are more skeptical.

Christmas is a time for Christophobia

2:44 PM 12/08/2010

So you plan to celebrate Christ’s birth? Just don’t share your happiness with a government bureaucrat or state-friendly company because the required politically-correct response is, “We only celebrate secularized holidays with multicultural themes.”

Portia’s gay marriage politics

5:04 PM 12/01/2010

In America, you probably know her as Portia de Rossi, but in my town, Geelong, she’s also known as Amanda Lee Rogers, born January 31, 1973. “Married” to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, the Generation X star and vegan lesbian, however, seems more Hollywood than regional Australian.