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Casey Given is a DC-based editor and policy commentator for Young Voices. Previously, Casey worked as a state policy analyst at Americans for Prosperity, where he managed the organization’s labor and education portfolio. His writings on the topics have appeared in Education Week, The Hill, and The Wall Street Journal. Casey holds a rhetoric degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

UC Berkeley Still Doesn't Understand Free Speech

Opinion | Casey Given
The heckler's veto is an enemy of the First Amendment.

Pro-Liberty Activists Harassed By Government Thugs, Neo-Nazis, And Communists

Opinion | Casey Given
Three separate incidents highlight the dangers students face fighting for freedom.

Can We Shut Up About Fracking Now?

Opinion | Casey Given
A new study should lay to rest fears about natural gas drilling contaminating aquifers

The Death Penalty Is Big Government At Its Worst

| Casey Given
Capital punishment isn't cost-effective or conservative.

Stop Calling Obama a Socialist

Opinion | Casey Given
Progressives are bad enough.

After Uber Ousting, Is DC More Free Than Virginia?

Opinion | Casey Given
In other news: Hell freezing over, pigs taking flight

Haverford Liberals Lynch One Of Their Own In Robert Birgeneau

Opinion | Casey Given
The rise of the heckler's veto

Arne Duncan Should Beware Of Standardized Testing's Shortfalls

Opinion | Casey Given
The proposed new teacher performance standards could shut out new innovation.

Mozilla, Duck Dynasty, Chick-fil-A, and the politicization of everything

Opinion | Casey Given
Misguided boycotts and purges will only fuel the dying fire of homophobia.

Politico attacks 'local advocacy groups,' 'black ministers' over school choice and creationism

Opinion | Casey Given
Less than 1 percent of private schools in America teach creationism.

Could Common Core kill school choice?

Opinion | Casey Given
The Department of Education will be able to set standards for all America's schools, including charters

Big Labor should look in the mirror to explain its decline

Opinion | Casey Given
The pension deal between Boeing and their machinists' union shows how unions can adapt -- or die.

DOJ's Louisiana voucher challenge could segregate schools further

Opinion | Casey Given
Eric Holder's Justice Department tries to keep minority students in failing schools

Today's fast-food strike reveals big labor's decline -- and desperation

Opinion | Casey Given
Since nobody joins unions anymore, the labor left tries a new organizational strategy

Could Douglas County, Colorado make school choice mainstream?

Opinion | Casey Given
A pro-reform school board gets reelected, despite staunch opposition from Big Labor.

What Cory Booker's Newark says about school spending

Opinion | Casey Given
Is he really the education reformer he's cracked up to be?

Evaluate virtual schools, don't shut them down

Opinion | Casey Given
States and school districts should be free to experiment, but they must test for results.

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