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Outrage over Utah nurse arrest obscures key facts, legal questions

Nurse Alex Wubbels is shown during an incident at University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., in this still photo taken from police body-worn camera video taken July 26, 2017 and provided September 1, 2017.  Salt Lake City Police Department/Handout via REUTERS

The near-universal outrage surrounding the arrest of Alex Wubbels, the Salt Lake City nurse who was arrested July 26 for refusing to let police officers draw blood from an unconscious car crash victim, empowered Wubbels and her attorney to threaten legal action against the police on CNN's "New Day" on Monday. At the very least, Wubbels says, she’d like to “re-educate” the police department on proper procedure.

Clinton-nominated federal judge denies strip club ‘erection’ in ribald ruling

12:49 AM 05/01/2013

In a bizarre opinion filed on Monday in "The Case of the Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikini Top v. The (More) Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Pastie," a federal district court judge pined longingly for now-deceased burlesque dancer Miss Wiggles, suggested that the parties involved reach a "happy ending" after engaging in "reasonable discovery intercourse" and experiencing "the peaks and valleys of litigation," and formally denied a strip club's effort to "seek an erection" by featuring mostly topless dancers, in defiance of San Antonio decency regulations.

Washington Post quietly makes major change to Menendez story

12:27 PM 03/05/2013

Without informing readers in the story or elsewhere, on Monday night The Washington Post deleted its explicit claim that the Dominican prostitute who recanted her allegation against Sen. Robert Menendez had appeared in a video posted to The Daily Caller.