Arrested Utah Nurse Had It Coming

Opinion | Gregg Re
Refusing police blood draw was likely illegal

Clinton-nominated federal judge denies strip club 'erection' in ribald ruling

US | Gregg Re
Judge: Miss Wiggles 'truly an exotic artist of physical self-expression even into her eighties'

Why did Obama, Holder soften US stance on terrorist interrogations?

US | Gregg Re
White House now defending the laws it once wanted to reform.

Washington Post quietly makes major change to Menendez story

Politics | Gregg Re
Reporter Carol Leonnig's story edited without notice to remove explosive charge

Illinois state representative compares gun-control measures to castration

Guns and Gear | Gregg Re
'It was not out of order, I used it as an analogy!'

Pro-gun conservatives ignore Constitution in misguided attempts to protect it

Opinion | Gregg Re
Second Amendment advocates across the country conspiscously overlook or misunderstand the Supremacy Clause

Woodward: Obama repeatedly lied about responsibility for budget sequester trigger

Politics | Gregg Re
'There was an insistence on the part of Republicans in Congress for there to be some automatic trigger'

eBay: Game that lets players destroy World Trade Center isn't offensive

Entertainment | Gregg Re
'Laden vs. USA' has been bought and sold on the auction website for several years, often fetching hundreds of dollars

CEO accuses New York Times of fabricating story, sabotaging vehicle

Tech | Gregg Re
'We assumed that the reporter would be fair and impartial'

Police officer shouts 'burn this motherf--ker' before fire engulfs Dorner's cabin [VIDEO]

US | Gregg Re
Comment was picked up inadvertently by a local news broadcast

Keyless entry system appears responsible for sudden car explosion [VIDEO]

US | Gregg Re
No one injured as driver's keyless remote ignites welding gases stored in the trunk

Bulgarian politician survives apparent point-blank assassination attempt [VIDEO]

World | Gregg Re
Attendees gasped as the assailant placed the gun inches from the party leader's head and pulled the trigger

The Atlantic pulls sponsored Scientology puff piece after Internet uproar

US | Gregg Re
The magazine apparently moderated the reader comments section below the story

Wyoming lawmakers introduce bill to nullify federal gun control measures, jail federal agents

Guns and Gear | Gregg Re
The bill calls for federal agents who attempt to enforce those measures to be imprisoned

Former Bachmann aides rush to defend her against 'ridiculous' attacks

Politics | Gregg Re
One former staffer issued press release citing strange non-disclosure forms, unpaid bills

Former top aide: Bachmann still won't pay campaign workers who haven't signed nondisclosure agreements

Politics | Gregg Re
Five Iowa staffers declined gag order covering illegal campaign activity

Police: Christmas Eve firefighter shooter used 'straw purchaser' to acquire weapons

Guns and Gear | Gregg Re
NY gun buyer could get 10-year sentence; DOJ used same tactic in 'Fast and Furious' operation

City forces Minnesota soda shop to pull fake cigarettes

US | Gregg Re
White candy sticks with red tips were the store's most popular item

Bloomberg News hid conflicting fiscal-cliff poll numbers, pushed results favorable to Obama

Politics | Gregg Re
Opinion survey showed public confused about whether wealthy should have higher tax rates or fewer deductions

Union workers interrupt cancer benefit to protest stalled labor negotiations with Cablevision

Politics | Gregg Re
Attendees were shocked to hear the union members blaring music

Look inside the brutal, secret Muslim Brotherhood torture network

World | Gregg Re
A reporter claimed to have observed numerous detainees in dire physical condition

Hillary Clinton: Israel has 'lack of generosity ... lack of empathy' for Palestinians [VIDEO]

Politics | Gregg Re
Israel should 'demonstrate that they do understand the pain of an oppressed people'

Kim Jong Un winning Time magazine's 'Person of the Year' reader voting

US | Gregg Re
Un has relied heavily on his body to make headlines

Judge won't order removal of anti-Islam YouTube video at center of Benghazi debate

US | Gregg Re
Actress claimed filmmaker duped her into appearing in short film that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad

Celebrity chef says he discovered Secret Service keg parties; State Dept. promises investigation

World | Gregg Re
'They should really have deleted their texts'

Black Friday mayhem apocalypse death zone roundup: 2 shot, 1 gun brandished, Target targeted

US | Gregg Re
To keep everything in perspective, several people were shot on Thursday, as well

Tampa socialite Jill Kelley was awarded Joint Chiefs' No. 2 medal for civilians

US | Gregg Re
Petraeus himself presented the award to Kelley in March 2011

Campus bans Ann Coulter, invites professor who calls sex with animals potentially 'satisfying'

Education | Gregg Re
Singer has long lamented the societal stigma against having sex with animals

Arizona gun shop tells Obama voters to 'turn around and leave' because they aren't 'responsible'

Guns and Gear | Gregg Re
Shop owners say Obama supporters are 'not responsible enough' to own a gun

Clinton: 'Who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows isn't true?' [VIDEO]

Elections | Gregg Re
Clinton was impeached in 1998 on one count of perjury

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