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Cornell University Makes Life Comfortable For Activist Squatters

YouTube screenshot/Cornell University

Cornell University is showing leniency towards hundreds of students who illegally squatted in a campus building to protest an alleged racially-motivated assault against a black student. They have now released a list of demands calling for the institution of "social justice mandates" at the university.

Rolling Stone Has Fallen From Grace, Will Be Sold

3:11 PM 09/18/2017

Rolling Stone, once considered to be an indispensable “counter-culture bible” for beatniks and pre-millennial hipsters, is no longer the bastion of progressive thought it once was. Following a series of heavy missteps over the past few years and a drought of hard-hitting journalistic content, the home of Hunter S. Thompson’s “gonzo journalism” is a mockery of its former self.

Libertarian Journalist Who Was Doxed And Harassed By SJWs Never Received Media Attention Or Justice

10:36 PM 09/14/2017

One of the worst things that can happen to you on the internet is to be doxed and hounded by people who use your personal information to harass you. It happened to libertarian journalist Ashley Rae Goldenberg in 2014, and her harassers continue to brag about what they did. Their actions led to a torrent of rape and death threats against her and members of her family.