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Ilana Mercer
Author, The Trump Revolution
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      Ilana Mercer

      Ilana Mercer is a paleolibertarian writer and thinker based in the US. My weekly column was begun in Canada in 1999. I am the author of “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed” (June 2016) and “Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011).

      Her weekly column appears in The Unz Review,,, the British Libertarian Alliance, among others. She also contributes to David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine. For years, the “Paleolibertarian Column” featured on in Junge Freiheit, a German weekly of excellence. For 15 years—until March of 2016—she penned WND’s exclusive “Return to Reason” column. Formerly syndicated by Creators Syndicate, she is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank).

Faking History To Make The Black Kids Feel Good

5:19 PM 01/16/2017

A known quantity in the faking department is Rev. Al Sharpton. In a video that gets considerable play on TV, Sharpton informs a rapt audience that “white folks” were cave dwellers when blacks were building empires and pyramids; teaching philosophy, astrology and mathematics. “Socrates and them Greek homos” were mere copycats, aping black civilization.

Making America’s Kids Great Again

5:08 PM 01/05/2017

IN LINE with the prevailing anti-intellectual childishness, public writing has turned into public advocacy. Conjure and cultivate a malady—this generally involves framing bad behavior as an organic disease. Share it with the world. And—abracadabra!—you're a hero and an activist.

Bye-Bye Barack: Loser Lashes Out Over Legacy

3:51 PM 01/03/2017

You’re witnessing a fantastic fit of pique from Barack Hussein Obama. This American president is watching a legacy of statism, Islamism, globalism, elitism, post-Americanism, post-Christianity slip away, and he’s fighting tooth-and-nail for the ideological sludge in which he has mired America.

A Christmas Snuff Story

4:49 PM 12/24/2016

"We’re going to be saying merry Christmas a lot more. And we’re going to have fewer criminal aliens to contend with,” promised President-elect Donald Trump on separate occasions.

The Proof Is Not In The Putin

2:27 PM 12/16/2016

President-elect Donald Trump made another great stride for America—maybe even for mankind, given the CIA's global reach. Mr. Trump slapped the Central Intelligence Agency down. And hard.