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Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage bill, headed for House

US | Jennifer White
Gov. Pat Quinn: 'Marriage equality is coming to Illinois'

Why Mark Zuckerberg does not want to make a Facebook phone

Tech | Jennifer White
Zuckerberg dispelled all rumors on Wednesday that Facebook would be releasing a smartphone

Sarkozy’s presidential campaign allegedly financed by Moammar Gadhafi

World | Jennifer White
French law prohibits candidates from accepting cash payments larger than £6,300

Idaho senator a candidate for ignition lock

Politics | Jennifer White
Crappo was busted for drunk driving on Sunday

World's longest bullet train now accessible in China

World | Jennifer White
Route covers 1,200 miles in about eight hours

Deep freeze spreads across Russia and Ukraine, killing at least 82

World | Jennifer White
Siberia has experienced even harsher weather, with cities like Novosibirsk dipping to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Census data reveal ongoing exodus from California

US | Jennifer White
Some statisticians attribute the state's net loss of 100,000 people last year to its high cost of living

'Real killer' found in OJ Simpson case?

US | Jennifer White

FDA investigating 13 deaths related to 5-Hour Energy

Business | Jennifer White
High-powered energy drink under scrutiny, New York Times reports

Papa John's faces lawsuits over illegal text messages

Business | Jennifer White
Pizza company could pay $1,500 for each message

'Clean energy' jobs see a sharp third-quarter slowdown

Energy | Jennifer White
'These numbers show that policy matter'

In Philadelphia and Ohio voting districts, Romney receives zero votes

Politics | Jennifer White
Approximately 94 percent of the residents in the districts are black; analysts raise possibility of fraud

Votamatic predicts every state correctly

Elections | Jennifer White
Drew Linzer joins Nate Silver, others who nailed the results

Crystal meth may cure your flu

US | Jennifer White
Study: Dangerous drug has flu-fighting properties

The 10 most interesting ballot initiative battles to watch on Tuesday

Elections | Jennifer White
Food warning labels? Ranchers' rights? Condoms on porn stars? There's more at stake than just the presidency

Argentina drops its voting age to 16 in light of 2013 elections

World | Jennifer White
Legislation passed during tense late-night Congress session

59 percent of African-American young voters say US 'moving in the right direction'

Politics | Jennifer White
Black unemployment is almost twice as high as white unemployment

Oldest Thomas Edison audio recording released

US | Jennifer White
'This is about as far back as we can go'

Tom Hanks rekindles 'Full House' memories with slam poetry [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Jennifer White
The actor reads spoken word poem about beloved '90s TV series on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

10 watches we’ll never be able to afford [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Jennifer White
It's never too early to start preparing holiday gift lists

NRA takes aim at Obama's re-election

Guns and Gear | Jennifer White
Doesn't buy debate statement, 'I support Second Amendment rights,' endorses Romney, releases attack ad

Kimmel show asks people 'Who won the debate?' four hours before debate

Entertainment | Jennifer White
'Did you watch the whole thing?' 'Oh, yeah?'

France anti-racism groups target Twitter for anti-Semitic tweets

World | Jennifer White
'There is a very small step between racist words and racist acts'

Union foes to run $120,000 ad before second presidential debate

Video | Jennifer White
'We want to raise awareness about money taken from employees without them knowing'

Fashion designer Glenn Beck releases '1791' denim line

US | Jennifer White
'100% made in America'

Conservative group's ad calls out Obama's 'Chinese Motors' auto bailout

Business | Jennifer White
Video features Obama-appointed board member praising China

Pew survey finds 1 in 5 Americans, mostly Democrats, have no religion

Elections | Jennifer White
Survey researcher: Religiously unaffiliated are 'progressive, especially in regards to social issues'

Russia releases 1/3 of "Pussy Riot" members

Entertainment | Jennifer White
The other two members of the jailed band are headed to a penal colony for speaking out against Russian President Vladimir Putin

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