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Votamatic predicts every state correctly

12:59 PM 11/08/2012

Assuming that Florida delivers its 29 electoral votes to President Barack Obama, Drew Linzer of Votamatic, a website that posts forecasts and polling analysis, has called every state in the 2012 election correctly.

Crystal meth may cure your flu

10:50 AM 11/08/2012

Most doctors probably won't recommend picking up a drug habit this flu season, but a new study suggests that the drug methamphetamine may have flu-fighting properties.

The 10 most interesting ballot initiative battles to watch on Tuesday

12:40 AM 11/05/2012

Voting for president, congressman, senator, governor, county councilman, alderman, sheriff and dogcatcher apparently isn't enough to think about Tuesday. Voters in dozens of states will also be faced with ballot initiative and amendment questions running the gamut from guns to gay marriage, from "Frankenfoods" to photo IDs.