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      Jeff Winkler (admin)

      Jeff Winkler is a reporter for The Daily Caller. He worked previously for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and has written for Reason magazine and Washington City Paper.

US Senate could pass small-business bill Thursday

9:20 AM 09/16/2010

The U.S. Senate Thursday could pass a long-stalled measure that would boost lending to small businesses, giving President Barack Obama's Democrats one of their last chances to show voters they are working to revive the sluggish economy.

YOUNG: Killing Keynesianism?

11:40 AM 09/15/2010

Is the recession's great irony that government spending killed Keynesianism? With economists, bankers and investors perplexed over the economy's continued funk, we cannot be blamed for looking in odd places for answers. Could it possibly be that continuously increasing spending over eight decades has left little ability for government spending to affect the economy?

Japan acts to weaken Yen

11:10 AM 09/15/2010

TOKYO — Japan moved Wednesday to prop up the U.S. dollar and weaken the yen in a bid to protect its export-led economy, intervening in international currency markets for the first time since 2004.

These days, the men are gold diggers

6:34 PM 09/14/2010

Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more single men are openly discussing their desire to marry rich women. I took notice of the trend because it represents an inversion of gender roles in the traditional approach to marrying for money, which, over the course of history, has predominantly involved eager young women unabashedly pursuing eligible wealthy men.

The Least We Can Do

9:41 AM 09/14/2010

As they prepare to leave the stage, even Boomers themselves concede that things have not exactly gone according to script. Generalizations about generations are often foolish. Who’s to say when one generation ends and the next one starts? And people are individuals: any characteristic intended to describe almost 80 million people will be inaccurate in most individual cases.

American Hunter – How to speak elk

9:25 AM 09/14/2010

When I first started bowhunting for elk, I was so worried about using the wrong call or sending the wrong message that I often found myself paralyzed with indecision. If an elk hunter ever had a worse case of performance anxiety, I sure do pity the guy.

Justice Department IG to investigate voting rights section

12:00 AM 09/14/2010

Glenn Fine, Inspector General of the Justice Department, is planning to investigate “the enforcement of civil rights laws by the Voting Section of the Department’s Civil Rights Division,” according to a letter he sent today to Reps. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, and Frank Wolf, R-Va., which was obtained by The Washington Examiner.

Doctor branded woman’s uterus after surgery

10:49 PM 09/13/2010

After performing a hysterectomy last year, a California gynecologist used a cauterizing tool to brand his patient’s name on her removed uterus, an unorthodox move that the doctor calls a “friendly gesture,” but which the woman terms “despicable conduct” in a medical negligence lawsuit.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg opens up

5:14 PM 09/13/2010

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his college dorm room six years ago. Five hundred million people have joined since, and eight hundred and seventy-nine of them are his friends. The site is a directory of the world’s people, and a place for private citizens to create public identities. You sign up and start posting information about yourself: photographs, employment history, why you are peeved right now with the gummy-bear selection at Rite Aid or bullish about prospects for peace in the Middle East. Some of the information can be seen only by your friends; some is available to friends of friends; some is available to anyone. Facebook’s privacy policies are confusing to many people, and the company has changed them frequently, almost always allowing more information to be exposed in more ways.

Mike Castle: I’ll win, but ‘it won’t be an overwhelming victory’

2:33 PM 09/13/2010

About an hour before the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling released a new poll Sunday night showing moderate congressman Mike Castle trailing conservative activist Christine O'Donnell, 44 percent to 47 percent, in the Delaware GOP Senate primary, Castle predicted, in a most understated way, that he would win on Tuesday.