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OPINION: Outlandish college courses: the public-school Dirty Dozen

Karl Marx. Photo - public domain

The public undergraduate institution in the United States: the alma mater the majority of American college grads and a sacred trust (even if classes are typically large and red tape is often stifling).

Outlandish college courses: The Dirty Dozen for private (non-Ivy League) schools

7:23 AM 01/16/2013

Despite the nearly laughable price tags, there are many terrific reasons to attend a private undergraduate school. Classes are often smaller; the atmosphere is usually more intimate and exclusive; professors frequently know students by their first names; even the campuses seem somehow more collegiate.

Outlandish college courses: the Ivy League Dirty Dozen

5:06 AM 01/15/2013

The Ivy League: eight world-class institutions, by any measure, and home to some of the greatest minds in America.