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Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
National Tax Limitation Foundation
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      Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara

      Lew Uhler is the Founder and Chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee, and the National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). Peter Ferrara is a Senior Policy Advisor to NTLF and a Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute. He is the author of the recent Power to the People: The New Road to Freedom and Prosperity for the Poor, Seniors and Those Most In Need of the World’s Best Health Care, published by Heartland.

The Inside Scoop On The Emerging Republican Plan To Replace Obamacare

11:28 AM 02/07/2017

The components of the Republican Plan to replace Obamacare are already in clear public view, waiting to be boldly promoted. Central to developing that plan has been House Speaker Paul Ryan, who appointed a House Task Force on health reform early last year, which issued a report proposing a comprehensive replacement plan last June.

Moore Means Less When Considering 100 Days Of Resistance

2:05 PM 01/26/2017

Michael Moore is 62 years old, but he has the mind of an adolescent. He is carrying out a campaign calling for 100 Days of Resistance to Trump. But he is delusional, claiming he and his progressives won the Presidency. What we see is that he wants to lead a revolution for the fun and romanticism of it.

Inauguration: Trump Remembers The Forgotten Man And Woman

4:53 PM 01/23/2017

The central theme of Trump’s Inaugural Address was that he is going to keep his campaign promises and follow through on his rhetoric. “January 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again,” he said. “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

For A Clean Sweep In DC, Hire Newt

3:24 PM 01/11/2017

The president elect has been pursuing an “all-star” cast for his cabinet.  Most of us can’t believe how focused, dedicated, competent and committed these people are to good policy and streamlined government, as well as to restoration of constitutional discipline and separation of powers, not to mention common sense and family values.

Trump & Carrier: Incentives Are Preferable To A “Mailed Fist”

3:10 PM 12/05/2016

It was a natural “thank you” to Indiana supporters when, as part of his recent “victory tour”, President-Elect Donald Trump “convinced” Carrier Corporation (and United Technology) corporate leaders that they ought to keep 1,000 or so air conditioner manufacturing jobs in Indiana rather than ship them off to Mexico.

Speaker Ryan Leads Republicans To A Better Way

4:39 PM 11/21/2016

While President-Elect Donald Trump was blazing a new electoral trail for Republicans, few noticed that Speaker Paul Ryan was organizing his House Republican majority to blaze new policy trails. Earlier this year, Ryan appointed 6 policy task forces of Republican Congressmen, which this summer produced reports on their respective policy areas.

The Supreme Court Is On The Ballot This Fall

11:04 AM 09/14/2016

The next president is likely to appoint as many as half the members of the United States Supreme Court.  Besides the vacant Scalia seat, Justice Ruth Ginsburg is 83 and in poor health.  Justice Anthony Kennedy is 80.  Justice Stephen Breyer is 78.  That is four out of nine.  Obama’s Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor will still be there to make it six out of nine.

Paul Ryan And Kevin McCarthy Ride Again: Young Guns Morph Into Senior Policy Sharpshooters

11:26 AM 03/24/2016

They are back on the road together – Reps. Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy – the original “Young Guns” who helped transform the House of Representatives into an increasingly conservative body. This time they are promoting in the House of Representatives and nationwide a project to develop good policies and programs for America’s future in order to respond to the popular demand to restore American exceptionalism and to make the most of the majority they have created.

Hats Off To Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price

12:11 PM 03/14/2016

While voters and the media have been focused on presidential nomination dramas in both parties, President Obama released his 2017 budget in early February to little fanfare. That budget proposes an increase in federal expenditures of $2.5 trillion over the next ten years, and a tax increase of $3.4 trillion over the same period.

Realizing The Super Bowl Of American Economic Growth

3:10 PM 02/08/2016

Just as no team can win the Super Bowl that cannot advance the ball more than their opponent, the American economy cannot create jobs, incomes and wealth moving the ball down the field less effectively than our international competitors.

Presidential Reagan Library Debate: Time to Revisit Reagan’s Pro-growth Tax Policies

2:59 PM 09/11/2015

As we fast approach the second Republican presidential candidate debate on September 16, we should use that venue – the Reagan Library – to drive the debate: Reagan’s enormously successful, pro-growth tax policies, and the principles of Reagan style tax reform. Front runner Donald Trump’s ruminations about a flat tax makes such review – for all candidates – all the more essential.