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Matthew Boyle is an investigative reporter. He studied journalism at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, where he worked as an editor at the school’s newspaper, The Gargoyle.

Klobuchar challenger demands answers about senator's connection to $3.65 billion Ponzi schemer

| Matthew Boyle
'Why did she not prosecute Tom Petters in 1999 when she had the chance?'

McCaskill campaign admits NYT had story on her husband's business dealings

Politics | Matthew Boyle
NYT editors decline to comment

CBS News affiliate calls 2012 presidential race for Barack Obama weeks ahead of election

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Phoenix TV station broadcast 3 percentage-point victory over Mitt Romney on Oct. 19

Rep. Ted Poe on Fast and Furious, Libya scandals

Politics | Matthew Boyle
American people can’t trust Obama administration ‘on what it says about anything’

Obama campaign collects growing number of illegal donations

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Re-election campaign has accepted more and more cash from non-existent ZIP codes

Conservative group on Sen. McCaskill: 'She's Clairogant'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
According to the McCaskill campaign, Woods is an untrustworthy felon

McCaskill won't acknowledge husband's former employee as 'whistle-blower'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'We've got to do everything possible to protect' whistle-blowers, McCaskill said in 2009

Sen. Klobuchar took Ponzi cash, didn't prosecute

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Future senator prosecuted only co-conspirators, enabled $3.65 billion scheme to grow


Politics | Matthew Boyle
'He doesn't do anything without Claire understanding it'

Report: Inspector General contradicts Secret Service on Colombia prostitution scandal

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'The fact that we’ve hit a brick wall just makes me highly suspicious'

Capps caught again: Congresswoman fails to report more than half-million dollars in income

Politics | Matthew Boyle
From 1998-2006, Capps didn't report two pensions


Politics | Matthew Boyle
After Twitter attacks, backtracks, saying from dismissal of deadly scandal

Obama advocates reintroducing assault weapons ban

Elections | Matthew Boyle
'We've got more to do when it comes to enforcement'

Romney on gun violence: Fast and Furious is 'the greatest failure we've had' [VIDEO]

Elections | Matthew Boyle
After Romney answer, Obama gets help from Candy Crowley, changes topic

DOJ tells off court system in request to dismiss Fast and Furious lawsuit

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'Judicial restraint, not judicial intervention, is warranted'

Documents show Obama sought positions for Rev. Wright, brother of Bill Ayers with city of Chicago

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Obama-led community organizing advisory board included Wright, Fr. Michael Pfleger, brother of Bill Ayers

Convicted terrorist scheduled to speak Tuesday night before presidential debate

Elections | Matthew Boyle
Felon prosecuted by Chris Christie for Animal Enterprise Terrorism set to test free-speech 'public area'

Ryan spokesman: 'I'm not sure I would say' Raddatz was fair

Elections | Matthew Boyle
GOP ticket voices concerns about VP debate moderator while establishment media heaps praise

ANALYSIS: Raddatz gives lopsided debate moderating performance

Elections | Matthew Boyle
Little effort to contain interrupting Biden, few questions about Obama administration's performance

Obama spokeswoman promises to resign if ...

Politics | Matthew Boyle
On CNN on Thursday, Cutter said Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's campaign is the only reason anyone cares about the administration's changing narrative about the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya

DNC fires Obama campaign staffer for assisting voter fraud attempt

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'What we saw was enough for us to take the action that we did'

House Judiciary Chairman: Obama should fire campaign staffers facilitating voter fraud

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Calls follow video showing Houston regional field director encouraging activist to vote twice

Dems accuse GOP of cutting security funding in Libya despite majority Dem support for vote

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Elijah Cummings blames Republicans for making the same vote he did

In Libya story reversal, State Department appears to lie about involvement

Politics | Matthew Boyle
State Department insists it had nothing to do with bad information

New O'Keefe video: Obama campaign staffer caught helping activist vote twice

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'Oh, my God. This is so funny. It’s cool though'

Matheson silent on calls for Holder’s resignation

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Matheson's opponent, Mia Love, has called for Holder to step down

Former auto czar contradicts docs: Obama admin not behind Delphi pensions scandal

Business | Matthew Boyle
Says administration should not 'suddenly go back in and change something'

Rep. Peter King: Obama admin may have given classified briefings to columnist

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Homeland Security Committee chair wants CIA, White House national sec. advisor to investigate

Capital One indirectly funds Democrats' anti-Capital One advertisement

Politics | Matthew Boyle
A political group that aims to elect Democrats into attorney general offices is taking money from Capital One, while funding attacks on it

Amid foreign contributions scandal, Obama campaign claims it tries to stop illegal donations

Elections | Matthew Boyle
Weigel: 'Why do Obama donation appeals go out to non-Americans, anyway?'

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