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Doc says ‘physicians have reached a tipping point’ [VIDEO]

8:13 AM 07/20/2012

A doctor representing the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons told The Daily Caller on Thursday that “physicians have reached a tipping point” under current health care laws, as they cannot both care for their patients and comply with mandated regulations.

USAID raises spending on contraceptives, cuts basic health care

11:23 PM 07/11/2012

In the wake of a global family planning summit, Catholic activists fear that the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) plans to spend more on contraceptives in the developing world will decrease spending on basic health care for mothers and children.

Alabama pastor holds whites-only conference

4:50 PM 07/05/2012

A pastor has upset the townspeople of Winfield, Alabama by holding a conference for white Christians, complete with Confederate flags, Ku Klux Klan insignia and a cross-burning ceremony.

New definition decreases government limo count

6:40 PM 06/18/2012

Due to confusion about what a limousine is, the General Services Administration has had a hard time counting its limos in recent years, but now insists a new definition will accurately account for the fleet of government agency-owned luxury vehicles.