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GOP contender Bielat mocks Kennedy III with campaign gift registry

Politics | Meagan Clark
Pampered Kennedy scion asked for 'real' silverware -- Bielat supporters eagerly volunteer plastic spoons and forks

After Olympics, James Bond seen in 'Skyfall' trailer [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Meagan Clark
The 23rd Bond adventure hits theaters Nov. 9

60 percent of Americans say fewer guns would not decrease crime

Gun Laws & Legislation | Meagan Clark
51 percent say U.S. does not need stricter gun control laws

Doc says 'physicians have reached a tipping point'

Politics | Meagan Clark
'This has been unheard of in my 24 years in this organization'

Man catches girl falling from third-story window [VIDEO]

US | Meagan Clark
'A hero is a sandwich. I just saw a kid, that's it'

Katy Perry and Russell Brand officially divorced

Entertainment | Meagan Clark
The pair are officially over after 14 months of marriage

Sen. Collins becomes longest-serving senator to never miss a vote

Politics | Meagan Clark
Collins cast her 5,000th consecutive vote on Thursday

Actor Robert Blake says he never loved his murdered wife

Entertainment | Meagan Clark
Actor Robert Blake appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and talked about not exactly loving his murdered wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley

USAID raises spending on contraceptives, cuts basic health care

World | Meagan Clark
In the wake of a global family planning summit, Catholic activists fear the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) plans to spend more on contraceptives in the developing world will decrease spending on basic health care for mothers and children.

House Democrats blur line between tracking and stalking

Elections | Meagan Clark
'We didn't intend for this to be nasty'

Alabama pastor holds whites-only conference

US | Meagan Clark
'We are not breaking any laws. We're not violating any ordinances'

Committee approves 'audit the Fed' bill

Politics | Meagan Clark
Oversight committee unanimously passes 'audit the Fed' bill

New York man misses job interview to save baby from train

US | Meagan Clark
Unemployed Brooklyn father jumps onto train tracks to save baby

TSA agent spills grandpa's ashes

US | Meagan Clark
'She didn't apologize. She started laughing.'

Hunger Strike: Postal workers say Congress is starving USPS

Politics | Meagan Clark
Members of the newly-formed Community and Postal Workers United are hunger-striking around the country and the capitol this week in hopes that decision-makers will save the USPS from financial ruin.

Report: Biden's security team brawled over Thanksgiving

Politics | Meagan Clark
Bouncer says men 'were acting like bullies,' pounded each other into a bloody mess

Rangers announcer speaks nonsense, runner at 'fifth' base [VIDEO]

Sports | Meagan Clark
Texas Rangers announcer Dave Barnett stumbled over his words for 30 seconds during Monday night's game against the San Diego Padres

Dead dog receives voter registration forms

US | Meagan Clark
'I thought it was a joke at first and it turns out it's real'

New definition decreases government limo count

Politics | Meagan Clark
Limos down 62 percent, after 73 percent increase last year

Adidas: Shoes with shackles are unrelated to slavery

US | Meagan Clark
'Any suggestion that this is linked to slavery is untruthful'

UCLA professor suing to keep his job after challenging environmentalist status quo

US | Meagan Clark
A case of 'powerful discrimination,' lawyer says

Poll finds Obama's approval among Muslims reaches new lows

World | Meagan Clark
Obama campaign says Romney has 'surrounded himself with the same people who weakened America's standing in the world over the last decade

Nearly 15 percent of Sacramento Democrats shun Obama

Elections | Meagan Clark
County Republicans say 'woo hoo!'

Obama says his 'responsibilities' prevented him from helping out Wisc. Democrats

Politics | Meagan Clark
Those responsibilities didn't prevent Obama from vacationing, fundraising

North Dakotans vote to oust 'fighting Sioux' mascot

Sports | Meagan Clark
Alumni, American Indians groups face off in long-standing dispute

Labor Dept. delays plan to make reporters use government-issued equipment

Politics | Meagan Clark
'This proposal threatens the First Amendment... The government would literally open the reporters' notebooks'

Conservative 'Schindler's List' producer uninvited to give graduation speech

| Meagan Clark
Principal told Gerald Molen he could not speak because he is "a right-wing conservative"

Wyoming seeks to remove grizzlies from endangered list, allow hunting

Guns and Gear | Meagan Clark
Rising grizzly population may be factor in rising number of fatal attacks

Wisc.-sized polling error could mask Romney sweep of battleground states

Elections | Meagan Clark
Romney would sweep most electoral votes from eight battleground states if Obama's poll numbers were overstated by just 1 percent

Author says Hillary is 'overweight' and 'tired,' but eyeing 2016

Politics | Meagan Clark
'There's no question in my mind, she and Bill -- two for the price of one -- will run in 2016'

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