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Seven Reasons The Case Against Rick Perry Is A Joke

Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks after being booked at the Travis County courthouse in Austin, Texas August 19, 2014. Perry, a possible Republican presidential candidate in the 2016 race, turned himself in to authorities for fingerprinting and a mug shot on Tuesday after being indicted last week on two felony charges of abusing power. REUTERS/Ashley Landis (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS) - RTR430NJ

Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry's felony indictment for not wanting a drunk-driving Democratic district attorney to take millions in taxpayer money to run a new ethics unit is a complete and utter joke.

Eric Holder REVEALS His Lame Run-Ins With the Police

9:38 AM 08/21/2014

Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement that he experienced police harassment as a "black man" because he got stopped for speeding twice on the New Jersey Turnpike, and also had to talk to the police once when he was on his way to see a movie in Georgetown.

Military Security Contractor Deploys ‘High Threat Team’ to Ferguson

8:14 AM 08/21/2014

The private security contractor Asymmetric Solutions deployed its military-level "High Threat Team" to provide security for a client in Ferguson this week.

Rick Perry Gets His Mugshot Taken

7:25 PM 08/19/2014

Republican Texas governor Rick Perry got his mugshot taken Tuesday.

Dick Durbin: Guantanamo Transfer Prison ‘Will Be An Important Piece In The Economic Future’ Of Illinois

2:34 PM 08/19/2014

Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin said Tuesday that the prison where the Obama administration is trying to transfer detainees  "will be an important piece in the economic future of Illinois."

Police Accused MSNBC of ‘Endangering Lives’ in Ferguson

10:40 AM 08/19/2014

Crew for the liberal cable network MSNBC endangered lives by shining its lights, spotlighting police officers in the crowd of Monday night's violent racial protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

DA At Center of Rick Perry Case Was Twice As Drunk As Mel Gibson

9:16 AM 08/19/2014

Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted Friday for promising to veto funding for a state public integrity unit headed by a district attorney who was twice as drunk as Mel Gibson when she got arrested for drunk driving, according to a Daily Caller analysis.

Liberal Activists Plot To Sabotage Paul Ryan’s Book With Fake Covers

5:14 AM 08/19/2014

Progressive activists are launching a day-long, nationwide campaign Tuesday to sabotage the release of Paul Ryan's new book by going to bookstores and wrapping the copies in demeaning fake covers.

Jesse Jackson, Liberal Activists Launch Voter Registration Drives In Ferguson

5:06 AM 08/19/2014

Jesse Jackson and other liberal activists are rolling out voter registration efforts as part of a coordinated left-wing push to sign up voters during the wave of violent protests engulfing Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.

Why Do Terrorists Get To Decide What We Call Them?

1:31 PM 08/16/2014

The terrorist organization the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS, or sometimes ISIL) recently decided to change its name to the more powerful-sounding "The Islamic State."

Judge Demands Answers After IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony on Lerner’s Scratched Hard Drive

9:24 AM 08/15/2014

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan Thursday ordered the Internal Revenue Service to come up with new answers after IRS employees contradicted sworn testimony about damage to Lois Lerner's hard drive.

Photographer Deletes Damaging Obama Dancing Photo

7:48 AM 08/15/2014

Two photographs of President Obama partying at a resort party while the town of Ferguson burns were deleted by the photographer who took them.

Iraq Prime Minister Maliki Announces That He Will Step Down

7:26 AM 08/15/2014

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced Thursday night that he will step down from the leadership of Iraq.

Crying Huffington Post Reporter Is A Disgrace To Journalism

9:14 PM 08/14/2014

Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly was detained in Ferguson, Missouri Wednesday while trying to make himself the story and refusing to leave a McDonald's after 45 minutes. He also claimed to have been "assaulted" but said that video of the event was "deleted when my other phone died." Then he did something deplorable for a journalist, even for a smug hack:  He cried about it.

IS Threatens To Murder American Pastor Saeed In Iranian Prison

1:57 PM 08/13/2014

Members of the Islamic State (IS) are threatening the life of American pastor Saeed Abedini in an Iranian prison.

James O’Keefe Crosses The US-Mexico Border Dressed As Osama Bin Laden

7:30 AM 08/11/2014

Investigative filmmaker James O'Keefe exposes the U.S.-Mexico border's vulnerability to terrorism in his latest undercover project, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.

Obama Official Deleted Obamacare Emails Sought By Congress

3:48 PM 08/07/2014

The administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) deleted some of her emails and may not be able to cooperate with a congressional investigation into the flawed Obamacare rollout, CMS has warned Congress.

IRS Abolishes Mandatory Expiration Dates For Illegal Immigrants’ Taxpayer Status

1:28 PM 08/06/2014

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) quietly changed regulations to allow more undocumented immigrants to keep their taxpayer status through a program that is rife with fraud and abuse, and to delay deactivation of immigrant taxpayer status until 2016.

Ten Stupid Gen-Y Names

9:34 AM 08/06/2014

Well, folks, it's about that time. Time for you to start thinking about retirement. You may only be 38, but your company is engaging in some revenue-enhancement strategies right now, and here's the thing: there's a new resource called "Generation Y." Maybe you've heard of it. It's also called the "Echo Boom." Millennials? We think that's the correct terminology (don't use the wrong terminology around them. They each come with their own plaintiffs' attorney).