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Patrick Howley
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NEW EMAILS: IRS Targeted Donors

5:19 PM 07/22/2015

Bombshell new emails reveal that the Obama administration's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) used donor lists of nonprofit groups to target donors, and specifically vowed to target the pro-business U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

ANALYSIS: Why Ted Cruz Won’t Attack Donald Trump

8:26 AM 07/20/2015

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is the only major Republican in the field who isn't jumping all over Donald Trump for his series of provocative comments regarding immigration and John McCain's war service. In fact, Cruz even recently went to bat for Trump.

Bernie Sanders ‘Shunned’ His Socialist Friends

9:53 PM 07/17/2015

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders "shunned" some of his closest personal friends as he moved away from Vermont socialist circles and into big-time Democratic Party politics, and the resentment still lingers today.