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Patrick Howley
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Daily Caller Reporter Applies To Be BuzzFeed’s Men’s Interests Writer

1:03 PM 02/18/2015

This week, it was revealed that the youth-oriented progressive website BuzzFeed currently has a job listing on its site for a "Men's Interests" writer. Predictably, liberals expressed outrage that the staunchly feminist site would set aside a job specifically for a man, or that it thinks men have different interests than women, or that it thinks men even deserve to have their interests represented on the Internet, or something.

Blake Farenthold Sexual Harassment Case Is A War On Fun Offices

10:52 PM 02/16/2015

Republican Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold has been accused of sexual harassment. Refusing to back down in the face of allegations by his ex-press flack Lauren Greene (and the obvious joy of anti-Republican 'journalists'), Farenthold fired back with a court filing in which he denied that he created a "hostile work environment."