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Mike Lee: Charles Krauthammer Does Not Have A Crystal Ball

5:09 PM 12/16/2014

Utah Sen. Mike Lee defended himself Tuesday against allegations that his point of order vote, which he earned in partnership with Sens. Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions, contributed to President Barack Obama being able to confirm more of his nominees through the outgoing Democratic Senate majority.

Right And Left Outraged As Spending Bill Heads To Senate

11:06 PM 12/11/2014

WASHINGTON -- The United States Senate will deliberate Friday on the massive "cromnibus" spending bill to fund the federal government through September 2015 as the activist wings of both major parties railed against the bill's passage in the House.

Jonathan Gruber ADMITTED That Obama Lied…They Knew It Would Not Control Costs!

9:59 PM 12/08/2014

Infamous Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber told people not to read Obamacare, admitted he never knew how to control costs in the law and said he designed it by "throwing stuff at the wall" in one of his most characteristic public speeches. In between taking personal shots at conservatives, he actually thanked congressional Democrats for voting against their constituents.