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Rick Berman is the President of Berman and Company, a Washington, D.C.–based public affairs firm specializing in research, communications, and creative advertising.

Berman has founded several leading non-profit organizations which are known for their fact-based research and their aggressive communications campaigns.

A long-time consumer advocate, Rick Berman champions individual responsibility and common sense policy. He believes that democracies require an informed public from all sides.

Berman and Company has received dozens of national awards for its creativity and cutting edge work. In the past two years alone Berman and Company has earned over 30 awards for its work in television, print, and radio advertisements and crisis communications.

Rick Berman has appeared on all major television networks and has organized national coalitions on a variety of issues.

It's Time For Republicans To Rein In Big Labor's Surrogates Who Don't Play By The Rules

op-ed | Richard Berman
Give our organization money or get bad public relations

Labor Reform Faces Nonsensical Attacks

Opinion | Richard Berman

Labor Reform Met With Lies

Opinion | Richard Berman
The American worker should always have a say. The Employee Rights Act guarantees it.

Dalian Wanda: China's Propaganda Puppet

Opinion | Richard Berman
Connections to China’s political elite signal a broader agenda: promoting Chinese propaganda.

AFL-CIO's Pay Ratio Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

Opinion | Richard Berman
Big Labor is running roughshod over the workforce, despite union bosses’ desperate attempt to change the subject.

How Hollywood Is Losing Out To The Chinese Government

Opinion | Richard Berman
It’s time for Hollywood’s conscientious celebrities to read the tea leaves.

Friedrichs Victory Would Boost Employee Rights

Opinion | Richard Berman
The Court should rule in her favor, and Congress should pass the ERA.

Unions Spend Big On Ads, Rather Than Spending Time On Real Issues

Opinion | Richard Berman
Union members never consented to stuff the pockets of big-money Democratic consultants.

Black Friday Protests Are Little More Than A Union PR Campaign

Opinion | Richard Berman
They paid $240,614 last year to a PR firm to stage-manage the protests

No Rest For Union-Weary Workers This Labor Day

Opinion | Richard Berman
What have they done for us recently?

National Employee Freedom Week Highlights Union Members' Right To Opt Out

Opinion | Richard Berman
This July the NLRB handed the SEIU a major victory -- but momentum is against big labor.

Take Back The High Ground In The Minimum Wage Debate

Opinion | Richard Berman
Mandated wages have been going up for decades, driving low employment and diminished opportunity.

Labor reform needs more than right-to-work

Opinion | Richard Berman
The Employee Rights Act is the next step.

FoodPolitik: 'Pink Slime' -- what's the big deal?

Opinion | Richard Berman
The Washington Post featured the company making 'Pink Slime' as a possible model for food safety just a few years ago

FoodPolitik: What do birth control pills and vegetarians have in common?

Opinion | Richard Berman
What do birth control pills and vegetarians have in common? If you look at enough studies, you can 'prove' just about anything

FoodPolitik: Sensationalist claims of 'risk' only benefit special interests

Opinion | Richard Berman
CDC study found soft-drink sugars should be targeted less than previously thought

FoodPolitik: Are soft drinks racist?

Opinion | Richard Berman
Meeting will assess the 'impact of sugary drinks in communities of color'

FoodPolitik: The public health community's toxic waste (of time)

Business | Richard Berman
Commentary published last week in British journal Nature: Sugar is 'toxic,' should be regulated like alcohol, tobacco

FoodPolitik: Want to live forever? Tax everything

Opinion | Richard Berman
Don’t we owe it to the millions whose lives we’d save by protecting them from themselves?

FoodPolitik: The right to arm bears?

US | Richard Berman
The blind logic and unintended consequences of giving legal 'personhood' to animals

FoodPolitik: Which food activists did Santa tell to stuff it?

Entertainment | Richard Berman
Santa's naughty list: PETA, Humane Society of the United States, Center for Science in the Public Interest

FoodPolitik: The Danish tax

Opinion | Richard Berman
Denmark's latest export is not so delicious: the world's first 'fat tax'

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