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National Employee Freedom Week Highlights Union Members’ Right To Opt Out

Rick Berman
Executive Director, Center for Union Facts
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July was a good month for big labor unions – which means it was a bad month for the rest of us.

Take Back The High Ground In The Minimum Wage Debate

4:02 PM 06/11/2014

It’s campaign season, and President Obama has been on the road selling his proposed 40 percent hike in the federal minimum wage. His argument in favor of the policy closely matches a line favored by wage hike advocates: “No one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.”

Labor reform needs more than right-to-work

5:54 PM 07/17/2013

After the shockwaves made by the passage of right-to-work laws in the former union bastions of Indiana and Michigan, the Ohio Senate recently rejected a similar law for their state. This development has reformers asking themselves: Where do we go from here?

The need for national labor reform is real

12:51 PM 03/28/2013

If undue influence in politics piques your interest, then the recent Los Angeles County elections should have raised both your eyebrows. Outside special interest groups spent almost $4 million supporting the candidates’ electoral bids — and over three-quarters of that total came from the region’s labor unions.

Hilda Solis: Organized labor’s humble servant

2:54 PM 01/23/2013

Hilda Solis’ term as secretary of labor is one for the books. She will be remembered as the secretary who declared herself the labor movement’s “loyal servant” — and then acted in lock-step with labor leaders.

Potential port strike shows that Big Labor needs big reform

3:07 PM 12/24/2012

’Tis the season — at least for strikes. Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed the death of Hostess and its Twinkie (until someone buys the brand), a teacher strike in Chicago, a Thanksgiving Eve strike at Los Angeles International Airport, failed union walkouts at Wal-Mart and New York City’s fast food restaurants, and an eight-day, $8 billion strike at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California.

Personal freedom wins in Michigan

12:29 PM 12/13/2012

This has been the year of personal freedom. In 2012, voters across the country consistently reaffirmed their desire to see individual choice trump institutional power. In November, Michigan voters rejected the enshrinement of collective bargaining in the state’s constitution. In Colorado and Washington, they demanded the right to decide for themselves about marijuana use. In other states, the people demanded the right to define marriage for themselves apart from religious doctrine or the authority of the state.

The animal rights movement wrongs animals

4:51 PM 08/31/2012

You've heard this anecdote: A boy shoots his parents dead. At his sentencing hearing, he begs the judge for mercy: “I’m an orphan, Your Honor.”

The CREW farce

2:21 PM 08/14/2012

The congressional “watchdog” and supposedly nonpartisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) should put a disclaimer on its website saying that it doesn’t hold itself to the standards it espouses. In fact, the only accurate part of its name is “Washington.”

A red light on green food rhetoric

3:33 PM 04/21/2012

On Earth Day, we’ll hear all kinds of ideas on how to improve the environment, from the small (recycle that bottle!) to the big (get off oil!). And, no doubt, we’ll hear a few about how we need to change what we eat to improve the planet.

FoodPolitik: ‘Pink Slime’ — what’s the big deal?

12:03 AM 04/02/2012

If you read the news regularly, chances are you’ve seen stories over the past two weeks about how so-called “pink slime” is infiltrating school cafeterias across America. So what is it, exactly? And what’s the big deal with it?

Real labor reform would empower workers

1:47 PM 03/20/2012

Richard Kahlenberg and Moshez Marvit’s new book, “Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right,” has ignited a debate on the important issue of labor reform. Yet Kahlenberg and Marvit miss the mark when it comes to expanding employee rights. Effective, well-thought-out labor reform would empower unionized employees to make more decisions about how their dues are spent and when to strike, and would give those employees the ability to choose whether or not to remain unionized.

FoodPolitik: What do birth control pills and vegetarians have in common?

10:52 PM 03/18/2012

“Red meat blamed for 1 in 10 early deaths,” blared the Drudge Report last week. The linked news article referred to a study by Harvard scientists finding that unprocessed red meat and processed meat like bacon and hot dogs are linked to a higher risk of mortality.

FoodPolitik: Sensationalist claims of ‘risk’ only benefit special interests

12:53 AM 03/05/2012

We’ve all heard the media mantra that “sex sells.” So does sensationalism. And it’s abused regularly by agenda-driven groups who want to indoctrinate us with their view that one food or another is harmful and in need of government control.

FoodPolitik: Are soft drinks racist?

12:54 PM 02/20/2012

“Spread of soda tax fizzles,” read a headline last week on authoritative state politics website Stateline. We shouldn’t pop the champagne cork just yet, though. Anti-sugar activists are still gunning for soft drinks.

FoodPolitik: The public health community’s toxic waste (of time)

10:11 AM 02/06/2012

When you think of things that are toxic to people, what comes to mind? Drano? Gasoline? Arsenic?

FoodPolitik: Want to live forever? Tax everything

11:04 AM 01/23/2012

According to researchers at Columbia University and the University of California-San Francisco, a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks (that’s 12 cents a can) would save 26,000 lives over ten years. That’s just the ammo that the nation’s self-anointed food police are looking for as they push for soda taxes in recently reconvened state legislatures.

FoodPolitik: The right to arm bears?

11:13 PM 01/08/2012

Recently at The Daily Caller, Wesley Smith aptly exposed the goal of the eco-fringe to codify legal rights for Mother Nature. There’s an equal and more urgent threat to our legal system, coming from a common ally of the environmental movement: Animal rights activists.

FoodPolitik: Which food activists did Santa tell to stuff it?

12:38 PM 12/26/2011

Yesterday, millions of families celebrated the spirit of Christmas (excuse me, “the holidays”). But I suspect that a few folks, such as activists who want to control what we eat and drink, found some coal in their stockings. Figuratively, of course.