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Rick Berman is the President of Berman and Company, a Washington, D.C.–based public affairs firm specializing in research, communications, and creative advertising.

Berman has founded several leading non-profit organizations which are known for their fact-based research and their aggressive communications campaigns.

A long-time consumer advocate, Rick Berman champions individual responsibility and common sense policy. He believes that democracies require an informed public from all sides.

Berman and Company has received dozens of national awards for its creativity and cutting edge work. In the past two years alone Berman and Company has earned over 30 awards for its work in television, print, and radio advertisements and crisis communications.

Rick Berman has appeared on all major television networks and has organized national coalitions on a variety of issues.

FoodPolitik: The food grinches who want to steal Thanksgiving

Politics | Richard Berman
PETA is targeting children with billboards that imply gobbling up turkey is like eating a pet dog

FoodPolitik: Food Day and 'first world problems'

Opinion | Richard Berman
Americans apparently come in first place for taking our prosperity --- and our food --- for granted

FoodPolitik: Do we really need a 'Food Day'?

Opinion | Richard Berman
Holiday that nearly died in 1970s is back with a vengeance

FoodPolitik: A fat tax for an obese bureaucracy

Opinion | Richard Berman
Mayor Bloomberg encourages UN to adopt strict, NYC-style food regulations to make healthy foods the 'default' option

FoodPolitik: Food cops have sour prescription for our diets

Opinion | Richard Berman
FDA, Dept. of Agriculture open formal inquiry into how to achieve salt reduction goals

FoodPolitik: Arm yourself against charity scams

Opinion | Richard Berman
Groups like the Humane Society of the United States and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are not what they appear to be

FoodPolitik: Greenpeace is neither green nor peaceful

Opinion | Richard Berman
Group's recent Sydney protest crossed the line into eco-vigilantism

FoodPolitik: iPhones and Phonies

Opinion | Richard Berman
Rick Berman on how activist scare tactics have inspired a new app revealing 'how much fish' is safe to eat

FoodPolitik: Big Brother in your back seat

Opinion | Richard Berman
Rick Berman on how nanny-state advocates are pressing Congress for $60 million on in-car breathalyzer research

FoodPolitik: Hysterical Huffington hype

Opinion | Richard Berman
Rick Berman on why the Huffington Post isn't a healthy source of nutrition advice

FoodPolitik: Laughable food initiatives abound in California

Opinion | Richard Berman
The comment 'only in California' is hardly ever a compliment

FoodPolitik: A toast to tasty victory

Opinion | Richard Berman
'Time and again, food-scare campaigns and big-government agendas are fact-light and rhetoric-heavy'

FoodPolitik: Clown logic clouds obesity debate

Opinion | Richard Berman
'I hope you’ll laugh along with me at the idea that a clown character is making kids fat'

FoodPolitik: Food activists' circular firing squads

Opinion | Richard Berman
'It's always amusing to watch ambitious schemers with common enemies harm each other instead'

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