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Richard Berman
President, Berman and Company
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      Richard Berman

      Rick Berman is the President of Berman and Company, a Washington, D.C.–based public affairs firm specializing in research, communications, and creative advertising.
      Berman has founded several leading non-profit organizations which are known for their fact-based research and their aggressive communications campaigns.
      A long-time consumer advocate, Rick Berman champions individual responsibility and common sense policy. He believes that democracies require an informed public from all sides.
      Berman and Company has received dozens of national awards for its creativity and cutting edge work. In the past two years alone Berman and Company has earned over 30 awards for its work in television, print, and radio advertisements and crisis communications.
      Rick Berman has appeared on all major television networks and has organized national coalitions on a variety of issues.

Real labor reform would empower workers

1:47 PM 03/20/2012

Richard Kahlenberg and Moshez Marvit’s new book, “Why Labor Organizing Should be a Civil Right,” has ignited a debate on the important issue of labor reform. Yet Kahlenberg and Marvit miss the mark when it comes to expanding employee rights. Effective, well-thought-out labor reform would empower unionized employees to make more decisions about how their dues are spent and when to strike, and would give those employees the ability to choose whether or not to remain unionized.

FoodPolitik: Are soft drinks racist?

12:54 PM 02/20/2012

“Spread of soda tax fizzles,” read a headline last week on authoritative state politics website Stateline. We shouldn’t pop the champagne cork just yet, though. Anti-sugar activists are still gunning for soft drinks.

FoodPolitik: Want to live forever? Tax everything

11:04 AM 01/23/2012

According to researchers at Columbia University and the University of California-San Francisco, a penny-per-ounce tax on soft drinks (that’s 12 cents a can) would save 26,000 lives over ten years. That’s just the ammo that the nation’s self-anointed food police are looking for as they push for soda taxes in recently reconvened state legislatures.

FoodPolitik: The right to arm bears?

11:13 PM 01/08/2012

Recently at The Daily Caller, Wesley Smith aptly exposed the goal of the eco-fringe to codify legal rights for Mother Nature. There’s an equal and more urgent threat to our legal system, coming from a common ally of the environmental movement: Animal rights activists.

FoodPolitik: The Danish tax

11:11 PM 12/11/2011

Despite its small stature, Denmark has greatly influenced American breakfasts with its deliciously buttery and flaky Danishes. Unfortunately, its latest potential export isn’t so savory: the world’s first “fat tax.”

FoodPolitik: Do we really need a ‘Food Day’?

11:16 PM 10/23/2011

Hundreds of events around the country today will celebrate “Food Day,” a relic of the 1970s that petered out --- presumably --- because it was irrelevant. Judging from this year’s lineup, we should hope this encore is a one-time precursor to extinction.

FoodPolitik: A fat tax for an obese bureaucracy

12:13 AM 10/10/2011

Many folks are put-off by New York City’s constant meddling in the food choices of its citizens, whether it is scolding them about salt or grossing them out by graphically comparing sports drinks to liquid fat. But hey, we can live somewhere else and eat in peace, right?

FoodPolitik: Arm yourself against charity scams

12:32 AM 09/12/2011

Food and beverage activists love to ride their high horses as they berate Americans who make different choices. Neo-prohibitionist groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) wag their fingers at moderate alcohol consumers, while animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) believe eating meat is the mark of a cruel diet.

FoodPolitik: Greenpeace is neither green nor peaceful

12:11 AM 08/29/2011

Left-wing environmentalist groups are chockfull of propaganda, and when they drink too much of their own kool-aid, the results can be unsettling. That’s just what happened Down Under, where Greenpeace activists recently took pictures of themselves destroying a government crop-biotechnology experiment.

FoodPolitik: iPhones and Phonies

12:03 AM 08/15/2011

It’s common knowledge that there are minuscule amounts of mercury in fish. But it’s a fundamental rule of toxicology that the dose makes the poison. After all, drinking too much water can kill you.

FoodPolitik: Big Brother in your back seat

12:46 AM 08/01/2011

Remember the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report?" It was the one where the “Precrime” police unit armed with new technology arrested you before you committed a future crime they could detect.

FoodPolitik: Hysterical Huffington hype

12:30 AM 07/18/2011

You don't need a Media Research Center report to know that The Huffington Post hosts a wide variety of crazed and rabid political opinions. (Maybe that’s why AOL’s stock is near a 52-week low.) It should come as no surprise, then, that HuffPo isn’t exactly a credible or unbiased source of nutrition advice either.