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Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

Reza Kahlili

The deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vowed revenge against Israel for its ongoing military incursion into Gaza, which has already killed hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of Israelis.

Iran Supreme Leader: The Only Solution For Crisis Is Israel’s Destruction

9:52 PM 07/23/2014

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on Wednesday that the only solution for the region is the destruction of Israel, and that the armed confrontation must expand beyond Gaza.

Iran Supreme Leader: The Islamic Messiah Is Coming Soon To Kill All Infidels

11:53 PM 06/15/2014

Iran’s supreme leader is promising a world free of infidels and nonbelievers with the coming of the Islamic messiah, Mahdi, a 9th-century descendant of the prophet Mohammad whom the Shiites refer to as the 12th Imam.

Obama Religious Adviser Visits Tehran

5:48 PM 06/05/2014

An American religious delegation is in Iran to improve dialogue between the United States and the clerics who rule the Islamic Republic, an Iranian media outlet reported Thursday.

Source: Iran Tested Detonators For Nuclear Weapons Unknown To IAEA

8:05 AM 05/27/2014

Iran has conducted several high-explosive tests on detonators designed for its nuclear weapons program, according to a former officer of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards.

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Jihad Will Continue Until America is No More

1:54 PM 05/25/2014

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, all but said on Sunday that negotiations over the country’s illicit nuclear program are over and that the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America.

Iran Throws Monkey Wrench Into Nuclear Deal

8:20 PM 05/18/2014

Iran has thrown up new roadblocks to reaching a deal with the P5+1 world powers over its illicit nuclear program.

Leading Iranian ayatollah: Islamic messiah ‘will behead Western leaders’

1:22 PM 03/16/2014

A leading ayatollah of Iran’s Islamic regime is promising that Western leaders will be executed by the Islamic messiah, the state-owned media outlet Mehr news reported Saturday.

VIDEO: Iranian drone buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf

7:01 PM 03/03/2014

UPDATE: The footage first appeared online as early as 2006.

Iranian president, regime officials threaten ‘defensive’ missile attacks against West

9:07 AM 03/03/2014

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened on Sunday to use his country’s missile system against the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

Iran official: US has accepted country’s nuclear enrichment

1:55 AM 02/17/2014

The U.S. has accepted the continuation of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, an Iranian official said Sunday, a claim the Islamic regime’s media have also reported recently, citing comments by U.S. delegates to their Iranian counterparts at the Geneva 5+1 negotiations.

Iranian commander: We have targets within America

11:10 PM 02/01/2014

A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic.

Iranian official confirms country sought to build nuclear weapons

1:49 PM 01/26/2014

A founder of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards now admits that the Islamic Republic was seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. This is the first time any regime official has made such an admission, even as another report claims that one of Iran’s most radical clerics was the spiritual overseer of the nuclear weapons program.

Top Iranian military official warns Kerry against attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities

4:29 PM 01/25/2014

The chief commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned the United States yesterday that if it attacked the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities, it would blow back in America’s face.

Iran foreign minister alludes to deceiving Obama administration during nuclear negotiations [VIDEO]

2:45 PM 12/08/2013

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called America’s assertions about the interim nuclear agreement reached recently in Geneva “nonsense” and said the Islamic Republic’s strategy will collapse the sanctions program.

Top Iran General: Nuclear deal can be annulled

10:42 AM 12/03/2013

The leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is warning not only the West, but his own government that any agreement reached in Geneva must guarantee the Islamic Republic’s full nuclear rights or it will be voided.

Iran: Quran has marked Israelis as ‘rabid dogs and pigs’

3:09 PM 11/30/2013

In the wake of news that Israel will send a delegation to Washington, D.C. to influence the Obama administration's international negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, the Islamic Republic is stepping up its attacks on the Jewish state.

Iran president: We won, enrichment will never stop

6:11 AM 11/27/2013

Iran boasted on Tuesday that it has created a major crack in the international sanctions against its nuclear program, claiming it has achieved its goal of acceptance of its nuclear development.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claims victory for nuclear program

10:58 PM 11/24/2013

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed victory over the United States Sunday shortly after a historic nuclear agreement was reached in Geneva between the Islamic Republic and the 5+1 world powers.