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Why Did Virginia State Police Delete Footage Of Vester Flanagan’s Crash Site?

9:38 AM 08/31/2015

Hours after Bryce Williams, AKA Vester Flanagan, shot three people on live television because he believed the words "field" and "swing" were racist, we were told that he had crashed his rental car on a Virginia highway and committed suicide before the police could apprehend him. Hours after that, we were told he had survived his suicide attempt and died later in the hospital.

MSNBC Scales Back Hurricane Katrina Retrospective Because Of Brian Williams’ Huge Lies

1:27 PM 08/28/2015

It all started to fall apart for Brian Williams when somebody noticed that he claimed to have been shot down in Iraq, even though in the physical world he never got shot down in Iraq or anywhere else. Then people started doing some digging, and they found a bunch of other things he just plain made up. And now, it's starting to affect his brand-new home before he even moves in.

Team Hillary Uses A Whole Lot Of Brown Lipstick

1:28 PM 08/25/2015

How did Hillary Clinton allow herself to fall into her current predicament? How did she finally make a mistake so big, even the FBI can't ignore it? Why didn't anybody who cares about her well-being take her aside at any point and say, "Hey, I think this might be a real problem"?

Animals Are Dumb

9:29 AM 08/25/2015

As my longtime readers know, I am not a fan of the panda. I have my reasons, which I may or may not share with the world at some point, but it all boils down to this: Pandas are ungrateful bastards, they're lucky that humans value aesthetics over utility, and each one of them that we permit to live equals another 50 pounds of bamboo per day that could be put to better use making chairs. If I had my way, they'd all be shoveled into a pit.

Hillary Clinton Dances Her Troubles Away

1:01 PM 08/24/2015

Before you watch this, I want to make it clear that I have no problem with Hillary Clinton enjoying herself now and then. If anyone needs to blow off some steam these days, it's her. Running a presidential campaign would be stressful enough even if she wasn't under criminal investigation by the FBI!*

Biden Vs. Trump?

11:40 AM 08/24/2015

I'm trying to prepare myself, mentally, emotionally, and chemically, for such a matchup. On one hand, our republic has survived worse (probably). On the other hand, even Rome fell.