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Top 10 things that are younger than Hillary Clinton

Jim Treacher
Hillary Clinton. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

Hillary Clinton's supporters are starting to run into a problem: Not even her staunchest supporters can point to any of her achievements. Besides frequent flyer miles, of course!

Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the Indy 500, because Jim Nabors

10:37 AM 04/16/2014

Just because Fred Phelps is now the guest of honor at Satan's eternal weenie-roast, that doesn't mean Fred's dimbulb acolytes are giving up.

CNN: Right-wing extremists kill more people than jihadists, as long as you dismiss any contradictory evidence and concoct some of your own

6:09 PM 04/15/2014

One year ago today, a couple of Muslim terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon. What better time to remind everyone that the real danger comes from those crazy teabaggers?

They can’t tax Remy’s genius

12:57 PM 04/15/2014

Happy Tax Day, peasants!

Watch this federal agent cause a traffic accident and then blame the victim [VIDEO]

11:47 AM 04/15/2014

The following happened in Queens, NY last week. Unfortunately for the U.S. Border Patrol agent who caused the accident and then lied about it, it's all on video.

Business Insider writer is mugged for his Google Glass, squeezes 800 words out of it

3:04 PM 04/14/2014

Sometimes a theft is just a theft. But not when the item being stolen is Google Glass, and especially not when the victim is a tech writer in San Francisco.

Harry Reid has a few things to say about the Koch brothers, Koch brothers, Koch brothers, Koch brothers, Koch brothers… [Video]

10:19 AM 04/14/2014

If you only have two minutes to spare for Harry Reid -- and I don't blame you -- this is a great way to spend them.

ABC News: Sorry about making it look like Brendan Eich has anything to do with Fred Phelps

3:18 PM 04/11/2014

Last week, Good Morning America reported on the campaign to oust Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for the thoughtcrime of believing in the traditional definition of marriage. Of course, they weren't honest about it:

Hey, let’s drop Drop Dropbox

2:08 PM 04/11/2014

What's Drop Dropbox, you ask? It's a bunch of racist misogynists who can't stand the idea of a black woman in a position of power.

The left took my Sebelius joke and ran with it

11:29 AM 04/11/2014

Yesterday, I said it sarcastically:

Watch Hillary Clinton dodge a thrown shoe in Vegas

9:51 AM 04/11/2014

At this point, it's unclear which particular awful Internet video caused someone to do this. But what difference, at this point, does it make?

Now that Obamacare is such a big success, Kathleen Sebelius is quitting

8:21 PM 04/10/2014

Buh-bye, Kathy.

‘Stephen Colbert’ to take over for David Letterman

1:02 PM 04/10/2014

Just kidding! But no, he really is. Unless he isn't. Which he is! Etc.

Trey Gowdy opens up a can on Lois Lerner

12:49 PM 04/10/2014

The can is marked Whoop-Ass, and it's economy size.

Alec Baldwin still not too fond of gay people

10:01 AM 04/10/2014

Fun things always happen when Alec Baldwin gets on the Twitter.

SHOCK REPORT: George Bush used Google Images to find pics of world leaders for his paintings

2:47 PM 04/09/2014

The shot:

UK’s ‘climate change minister’: We’re murdering the planet with our baked-bean farts

1:22 PM 04/09/2014

The science is settled: Global warming causes insanity.

Bo Dietl: When I was an NYPD cop, we called Al Sharpton “the fat rat”

11:15 AM 04/09/2014

The following is a couple of white guys discussing the behavior of a black guy, which means it's racist. Plus I'm talking about it, which makes it extra-racist. Feel free to dismiss it on that basis.

Nine-month-old baby charged with attempted murder in Pakistan

10:24 AM 04/09/2014

At an age when most of us are playing peek-a-boo and filling up our diapers, one kid already has a rap sheet. Pakistan is a weird place, maybe?