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Slick Willie Slams ‘Sexist’ Sanders Supporters

2:58 PM 02/08/2016

Let's say you're a woman who's running for President of the United States, but you don't have any accomplishments to brag about. Nobody really likes you all that much, and they trust you even less. But you're a Democrat, and your husband was president, and you're single-mindedly avaricious for power. How do you use those advantages to distract prospective voters from your utter lack of qualification, character, or leadership?

Wait… Did Bernie Actually Win Iowa?

12:13 PM 02/03/2016

In a sense, Bernie Sanders was already the winner in Iowa, because in the space of 12 months he utterly demolished Hillary Clinton's 50-point lead. He put this look on her face:

So This Is What ‘The Bern’ Feels Like

9:32 AM 02/02/2016

Feels... surprisingly pleasant! If it's bad for Hillary, it's good for America. But if you had told me a year ago that I'd be relieved about an undisguised communist having a realistic shot at the White House...