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Cops Arrest UC Berkeley Protester For Refusing To Take Off Mask

6:33 PM 04/27/2017

Ever wonder how people get away with wearing masks at political protests? Ever wonder why the police just let it go? Me too. If you're not there to cause trouble, why do you need to hide your face? Why don't you want to be identified doing whatever you went there to do? You're not Batman, bro.

Wisconsin ‘News’ Station Sues Pranksters For Being Funny

2:16 PM 04/27/2017

A few years ago, an actor named Mark Proksch (Better Call Saul, Son of Zorn) did a series of Andy Kaufman-esque pranks that proved just how desperate local TV stations can be to fill airtime. He'd go around to various midwest morning "news" shows, posing as a yo-yo master named "Kenny 'K-Strass' Strasser." The bit was that K-Strass had no idea what he was doing, with a yo-yo or anything else, and he'd see how long he could bumble around and spout nonsense before the baffled, mortified local "news" people cut him off. Here's what that looked like:

POLL: Is Political Violence Justifiable If It Silences People You Don’t Like?

11:03 AM 04/27/2017

Ann Coulter's scheduled speech at Berkeley this week was canceled over concerns about violence, and she's now ditched her subsequent plan to speak in a public area of the campus. This sort of thing keeps happening. Violent mobs keep attacking people whose politics are out of fashion in New York and San Francisco, and it seems to be working. These "Antifa" guys are effectively silencing their opponents. What do you think about that?

Mayor Of Salem, MA Tweets Evidence Of Witchcraft

6:32 PM 04/26/2017

Up until a few minutes ago, I didn't believe in witches, goblins, zombies, vampires, or any of that crap. Well, maybe goblins. I've seen a few people over the years who may very well have been goblins. But I never really believed in the supernatural until I saw this.

Vox.com Hates On Obama For Taking Big Payday

12:56 PM 04/26/2017

I think Obama is a hypocrite for taking a $400,000 speaking fee, after he spent eight years calling the rest of us greedy. And I think the people paying him that much for one speech are idiots. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't take the money. It's a whole lot of dough, for doing next to nothing. Even Hollywood superstars don't make that much per hour, and they actually have to do stuff. Who wouldn't grab that much cash for giving a dumb speech?

Could Bruce Jenner Be The First Female President?

11:30 AM 04/26/2017

Whoops! I mean Caitlyn. Caitlyn Jenner. Who is now a woman, because he's declared it to be so. I mean she. For you see, Dear Reader, one's self-selected identity overrides one's genetic identity. In 2017, you are whatever you proclaim yourself to be. (Unless, of course, you're Rachel Dolezal.) That's how science works: Feelings over facts. Bill Nye teaches us that.

The Tom & Bernie Show Is Hilarious

6:18 PM 04/25/2017

Whatever my qualms about Trumpism and everything that goes with it, at least the last few months have been better than the alternative. As a wise man once said:

Why Would You Pay Obama $400K For A Speech?

10:51 AM 04/25/2017

Barack Obama once said, "I do think, at a certain point, you've made enough money." However, he never specified at which point he will have made enough money. Clearly, in 2017 we're nowhere near that point.