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#NotAllMuslims Plot To Attack FL Synagogue

Islam Muslim green star and crescent (Getty Images)

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the bad things #NotAllMuslims are doing. But it's important to pay attention, because #NotAllMuslims are doing the bad things. Also, Christians do bad things too.

Seattle’s Peaceful May Day Celebration Only Sends 5 Cops To Hospital

12:00 PM 05/02/2016

Ah, the beautiful utopia of Seattle. You can smoke all the weed you want, and the ensuing McDonald's run is guilt-free because you know everybody there is making $15 an hour. Speaking of garbage, in Seattle you can rest soundly in the knowledge that the municipal government is pursuing your traitorous neighbors who are killing Gaia by throwing away their coffee grounds and melon rinds. And to remain on the topic of garbage, in Seattle you won't get called out for marching against capitalism while tweeting about it on your iPhone.

Watch Trump Lie About Mike Tyson’s Rape Conviction

8:38 AM 05/02/2016

I realize that if you've already jumped on the Trump Train, you don't care whether anything he says is true or false. That's not the point of Donald Trump. Just the opposite, really. After 8 years of Obama's lies, and the prospect of 4-8 more years of Hillary Clinton's lies, some Republicans have decided they prefer Trump's lies. It's a strange form of revenge: Republicans have put up with the Democrats brazenly lying to them for the better part of a decade, and now it's time for Democrats to put up with a "Republican's" brazen lies. So there.

Judge To Seattle Trash-Cops: Can It

2:31 PM 04/29/2016

Last year I told you about a Seattle ordinance that authorized garbage collectors to fine people who put more than 10% food waste in their trash cans. That's right, it's now somebody's job in Seattle to go out and judge other people's garbage. Their commitment to saving the planet is so strong that they've basically invented trashcrime.

The Man Who Put Mike Tyson In Prison Has A Question For Donald Trump

12:09 PM 04/29/2016

Greg Garrison is a longtime conservative talk-radio host on WIBC here in Indianapolis. Back in 1992, he was the prosecutor who put Mike Tyson away for raping a beauty-pageant contestant named Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel. And today, Garrison is not at all happy with Donald Trump.

Can You Handle ‘Weiner’?

9:29 AM 04/26/2016

Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress in disgrace after he sent pictures of his penis to women who weren't his wife and then tried to blame his critics for it. A couple of years later, in a bid to rehabilitate his political career, Weiner decided to run for mayor of New York City. The plan was that, win or lose, he would prove his mettle as a serious-minded man of the people. He would make everyone forget his past transgressions. He would take the "wiener" out of "Weiner."