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Evan Bayh Is A Carpetbagger

3:13 PM 10/21/2016

I live in the same neighborhood as Evan Bayh. Or so he wants Indiana voters to believe. Yet I never seem to see him at CVS or Dunkin Donuts or Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. I sure would love to give that guy a friendly wave and a "Howdy, neighbor!" But he's never around.

SUNY Prof: Trump Win 87% Sure

9:53 AM 10/21/2016

I'm not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I don't blame anybody for voting against either of them. They both stink very badly. Most people think Killary's gonna win, because they believe the corrupt, (((globalist)))-run Lamestream Media. But there's one professor at Stony Brook University who ain't havin' any of that nonsense.

FINALLY: Scientists Make Booze Out Of CO2

3:30 PM 10/19/2016

Now that I've reached the Acceptance stage of Election 2016 (see Kübler-Ross), I've been freed of all cravings for alcohol. I don't need it anymore, because the bad feelings have all gone away. But not everybody is so lucky. Some people still have emotions. Some people still have souls. They need alcohol to survive, and the next four years ain't gonna be easy.

The End Of An Era: Billy Bush Leaves NBC

10:00 AM 10/18/2016

In the two glorious months that Billy Bush hosted the third hour of the Today Show, he became an intrinsic part of American life. Water coolers and chatrooms across the country thrummed with excitement: "Did you hear what Billy Bush said this morning? Gotta love that Billy Bush!" He was a phenomenon. He was America's Best Bro.

Are You Ready For… Trump TV?

8:45 AM 10/17/2016

If you think Trump will win, or can win, or even wants to win, that's terrific. I respect your religious beliefs. But if he doesn't win, if he disappoints you, don't worry. He'll be okay. He's got a Plan B.

Gloria Allred, A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

1:08 PM 10/14/2016

Let's face it, this election is no fun for anybody. On one side, you've got a small group of unhinged zealots furiously backing their completely unacceptable candidate no matter what, and a whole bunch of other people who hate themselves for having to reluctantly go along with it. On the other side... well, same deal. But there's one thing that brings all Americans together. There's one thing we can all agree on. Black or white, Republican or Democrat, Muslim or Scientologist, every single one of us knows this in our hearts: