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Obama Born In Kenya

8:51 AM 07/28/2015

No, no, I don't mean Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States. When he claimed to have been born in Kenya, he was lying. Remember?

Upcoming Gay Pride Parade In Sweden Is Racist, Say Leftists

2:27 PM 07/27/2015

If you've ever wondered why leftists are so angry all the time, one reason is that they're exhausted by the constant demands of identity politics. Instead of seeing things as they really are and reacting accordingly, leftists must constantly readjust their standards according to which party in any particular conflict is the bigger victim. This is rarely a good idea, but at least sometimes it can provide a bit of mild amusement to normal people.

Crazy Taiwanese Animators Vs. Gawker

11:29 AM 07/23/2015

Gawker has hit a bit of a rough patch lately. As if staff unionization and the Hulk Hogan lawsuit weren't bad enough, last week the gossip site posted something that even the most diehard Gawkerites couldn't defend. When founder Nick Denton took down the offending post because of the near-universal outcry, a couple of his top-level jerks resigned in protest. Quitting for ethical reasons is the funniest thing anybody at Gawker has ever done.

Weiner Slides Into New Slot: Public Relations

8:52 AM 07/23/2015

Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his penis to a bunch of women, told hilarious lies about it, resigned from Congress in disgrace, waited a while, ran for mayor of NYC, and then got caught sending even more pictures of his penis to even more women. That's when his political career finally went bye-bye. (For now!)

Hillary Clinton Is A Woman

10:53 AM 07/22/2015

Hillary Clinton is a woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman.