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Jim Treacher

Please, Please, PLEASE #BoycottIndiana

7:53 AM 03/27/2015

As a proud resident of the Hoosier state, I don't mind if leftists, social justice warriors, and all my other social superiors decide to go away and leave the rest of us alone.

Matt Lee Rules

10:55 AM 03/26/2015

If you don't know who Matt Lee is, you should. He's a reporter for the Associated Press, and he's one of the few remaining mainstream journalists who doesn't merely transcribe whatever a Democrat tells him. He actually believes in such a thing as objective truth, regardless of policy goals.

George Zimmerman: Obama Stinks

9:45 AM 03/24/2015

It was bad enough that George Zimmerman was attacked, his head beaten into the pavement by a man who was bigger than him, which forced him to kill his attacker to defend his own life. Then he became the target of an unending propaganda campaign by a race-obsessed media, aided and abetted by the President of the United States himself. But Zimmerman's not taking this one lying down.

Rolling Stone: Yeah, About That UVA Gang-Rape Story…

1:03 PM 03/23/2015

A few months back, your dad's second- or third-favorite music magazine published a hard-hitting, factually void exposé of a horrifying gang rape at the University of Virginia. As it turns out, there's no evidence that the crime ever happened and some compelling evidence that it didn't.