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Who Cares About A Dead Gorilla?

8:50 AM 05/31/2016

If you were anywhere near civilization over the Memorial Day weekend, you know about the kid who clambered into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and got dragged around like a ragdoll by a silverback named Harambe. There's video, of course, because everybody has a smartphone:

Media Not Sure If Katie Couric’s Deceptive Editing Is Really Deceptive Editing

2:18 PM 05/26/2016

Back in the old days (2008 and thereabouts), when the media wanted a story to go away, they just straight-up buried it. They simply didn't report on it. They assumed that, being the gatekeepers they'd always been and always would be, they could keep the news from hopping the fence and getting out to the public. They did it with John Edwards' illegitimate baby, Van Jones' commie pinko past, ACORN committing voter fraud, etc. They just kept the news off their pages and broadcasts, hoping it would go away.

Who Wants To Buy A Gawker?

12:13 PM 05/26/2016

If you're thinking about publishing a sex tape of an ex-wrestler, or anybody else for that matter, here's a better idea: Don't.

John McAfee For President

1:20 PM 05/20/2016

This November, you'll be told that you need to choose between a criminal and a lunatic. Why not vote for a candidate who's arguably both?