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Do Black Lives Matter to #BlackLivesMatter?

10:47 AM 01/23/2015

That depends. Can they be used for political purposes? Can dishonest "activists" get a good story out of 'em? Then yes, a handful of black lives do matter. As for all the other black lives in the world, not so much.

Alec Baldwin Calls Out Chickenhawk For Defending Chris Kyle

2:17 PM 01/22/2015

If there's one man who knows all about America's fighting forces, it's Alec Baldwin. After all, he once stopped WWIII from breaking out when the captain of the Red October defected. And he's probably played military guys in movies or on TV. (I'm assuming? Let's just say he has.) Plus, he's a veteran of many tours of combat with the paparazzi.

SOTU Ratings: LOL

1:03 PM 01/22/2015

Remember how sick of Bill Clinton you were by the time he left office, America? Well, Obama's already there, with two years to go.

What Makes Hillary Clinton So Darn Likable?

1:12 PM 01/19/2015

David Rutz of the Washington Free Beacon has done it again. If you're a visitor from another planet, a different dimension, and/or or the far future, and you want to know why so many Americans in 2015 want Hillary Clinton to be the President of the United States, watch and learn.