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Obama Doesn’t Have To Answer For Benghazi, Says Obama

Everything the Obama administration told us before, during, and after the September 11, 20012 Benghazi attack has been a brazen lie. They had an election to win, and they weren't going to be held back by a few dead Americans on foreign soil. Of course, that doesn't mean Obama should be held accountable to the common rabble.

The House Democrats Make History By Doing Something Historic, Historically

11:23 AM 06/24/2016

If you know your history, you know that the word "historic" can mean pretty much anything. Technically, every single thing that happens, every second of every day, is part of history. Yet liberals love to hyperventilate about how "historic" something is, as long as it's something that helps them further their agenda. You can't spell "histrionic" without H-I-S-T-O-R-I-C.

Corey Lewandowski Will Now Grab Viewers On CNN

3:16 PM 06/23/2016

If you're anything like me: 1) You're welcome, and 2) You've been very worried about how Corey Lewandowski will put food on the table after being fired by Donald Trump. Shoving reporters around is a fun hobby, but who else is gonna pay him to do it?

If You Don’t Like The New Ghostbusters Theme, You Hate Women

1:13 PM 06/23/2016

Some people don't like the trailers for the all-new, literally dickless Ghostbusters. As their male tears fall like rain all over the shards of their shattered patriarchy, here's something else for them to complain about: a really good song that is fun to listen to.

Indiana Man Arrested For Trying To Join [Omitted]

8:02 AM 06/22/2016

I live about 15 miles from Brownsburg, Indiana. It seems like a nice enough little town, if you like Indiana (which I do). Some might call it dull, but I call it quiet and peaceful. Anytown, USA. A nice place. A place I only ever pass through on my way to some other place, but a nice place. CNN once ranked it #33 on its list of best places to live in America.

Omar Mateen Swore Allegiance To ISIS, And The Obama Administration Is Censoring It

9:34 AM 06/20/2016

Here's a thought experiment: Imagine Omar Mateen had been an outspoken member of the Tea Party. Or the Catholic Church. Or the Republican Party. Or some other group that isn't considered acceptable outside of Flyover Country. Imagine that even as Mateen was murdering all those people in Orlando, he called the cops and the media to tell them exactly why he did it. Imagine Obama's Justice Department had transcripts of his every word.

CBS News Breaks Gun Laws To Push For More Gun Laws

9:46 AM 06/17/2016

Imagine if, in the days following 9/11, America's reporters competed with each other to see how quickly they could purchase plane tickets. And then, in grim tones, they reported on how easy it was to get those tickets.