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Thomas Phippen
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      Thomas Phippen

      Thomas Phippen is a fellow at The Daily Caller News Foundation, where he reports on federal contracts, agriculture and welfare. He is a graduate of Hillsdale College and a proud Colorado native.

Four Democratic Senators Share #MeToo Stories [VIDEO]

1:49 PM 10/22/2017

Four Democratic senators shared experiences of sexual harassment on Sunday's "Meet The Press" with NBC News host Chuck Todd, joining many other women who have shared their stories online after revelations of movie mogul and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein's decades-long pattern of alleged rape and sexual abuse.

Democratic Donors Are ‘So Over The Party’

12:39 PM 10/22/2017

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is having a tough time encouraging donors to contribute funds to the national organization as the party struggles to rebrand after its 2016 election loss.

Jonathan Karl: Trump More Accessible Than Obama

9:24 AM 10/17/2017

President Donald Trump has made himself more available to the press in recent weeks than former President Barack Obama did during the past few years of his presidency, some White House correspondents say.