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See the full 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' trailer [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Zachary Snider
Disney released a full trailer for the next year's star-studded, CGI-packed 'Wizard of Oz' prequel

Professor defends Stalin, socialism at university panel debate

Education | Zachary Snider
'What you said is bullshit'

Wisc. legislators call for arrest of federal officials implementing Obamacare

Politics | Zachary Snider
'Just because Obama was re-elected does not mean he's above the Constitution'

NRA skeptical of U.S., U.N. arms treaty

Gun Laws & Legislation | Zachary Snider
'The short answer is no, we don't buy it'

Californians shoot down three food and beverage-related ballot measures

Politics | Zachary Snider
Voters say 'no' to tax on sugary drinks, labels on genetically engineered food

Puerto Ricans vote for statehood, elect pro-commonwealth governor

Politics | Zachary Snider
Fortuno loses, but statehood wins

10 presidential endorsements from musicians

Politics | Zachary Snider
Willie Nelson endorsed Gary Johnson, but it had nothing to do with marijuana -- nosirree

Supplanted election inspectors reinstated by Pennsylvania court

Elections | Zachary Snider
Sheriff's department sent to enforce decision

'Gas Can Man' pays for Ohioans at the pump

US | Zachary Snider
Organizations campaign in Ohio for energy independence

25 wild pumpkin carvings [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Zachary Snider
Happy Halloween!

Movember: Minor league MLB team makes logo switch

Sports | Zachary Snider
Lexington Legends now sporting handlebar mustache

Top 10 manly hobbies ... for men [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Zachary Snider
Mold yourself into the man you were meant to be

The top uniforms in college football [SLIDESHOW]

Sports | Zachary Snider
Classics, ultramodern and the rest

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' asks who won 'First Lady debate,' people answer [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Zachary Snider
'Michelle, because I love her'

Americans, Chinese disagree on world's top economy

World | Zachary Snider
Majority of both countries look to the other as global leader

Ethel Kennedy likes Taylor Swift

Entertainment | Zachary Snider
RFK's widow approves of country singer's dalliance with younger grandson

Brutal ad hits White House on Libya timeline contradictions

World | Zachary Snider
Sequence of events suggest attacks on Libya were not the result of anti-Islam film

Pizza Hut offers a lifetime of free pizza for presidential toppings question

US | Zachary Snider
'Excuse me, Mr. President, do you prefer...'

Sesame Street cries 'fowl' over Obama campaign ad

Elections | Zachary Snider
'We do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns'

Obama insisted on state, local Stafford Act funding after Joplin, Mo. tornado

US | Zachary Snider
President falsely criticized George W. Bush in 2007 for similar maneuver after Hurricane Katrina

Biden tells rally the middle class has been 'buried the last four years'

Business | Zachary Snider
Romney campaign jumps on VP's latest gaffe

Consumer confidence increase masks crashing incomes, rising poverty rate

Business | Zachary Snider
'There are more pessimists than optimists at this point'

State Sen. Obama's top 5 controversial positions on crime [SLIDESHOW]

Slideshow | Zachary Snider
In '04, Jack Ryan was prepared to hold Illinois state Senator Barack Obama accountable for his 'weak' positions on crime

10 of the worst calls in sports history [VIDEO]

Sports | Zachary Snider
Refs, officials and judges foul up at the most inopportune times

GOP group dismisses study saying voter fraud cases 'infinitesimal'

Politics | Zachary Snider
Former Washington Post editor Leonard Downie-led study denied as journalism, called 'partisan muckraking'

Boston Red Sox management reportedly looking to sell team

Sports | Zachary Snider
How much the owners are asking for?

GoDaddy denies report of Anonymous hack

Tech | Zachary Snider
CEO says hack was result of 'internal network events'

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