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NRA skeptical of U.S., U.N. arms treaty

1:27 PM 11/08/2012

In the hours immediately following President Obama’s reelection, the United States championed the U.N. committee’s decision to renew talks of an international treaty to regulate the $70 billion dollar global arms trade.

Top 10 manly hobbies … for men

1:51 AM 10/31/2012

On the cusp of  "no-shave" November, the ultimate man month, The Daily Caller ranks the top 10 hobbies sure to make you the manliest man you can be.

The top uniforms in college football [SLIDESHOW]

2:55 AM 10/19/2012

What makes a uniform appealing? Is it a classic look that echoes the proud traditions of some of college football’s most storied programs? Is it a modern flare that symbolizes a new era in the sport where the traditional powers are overthrown? Or is it a combination of the two?

Taylor Swift earns approval from Kennedy clan matriarch

11:56 AM 10/16/2012

After remaining relatively low-key about her grandson's courtship of Taylor Swift, Kennedy clan matriarch Ethel Kennedy publicly lent her imprimatur to the Grammy-winning recording artist at a charity golf tournament in Hyannisport, Mass. on Oct. 12.