abdul razak ali artan

Note Confirms Ohio State Terrorist Had No Love For 'Moderate Muslims'

US | David Krayden
'My family stop being moderate Muslims.'

When Immigration Is Involved, The Left Doesn't Care How Many Foreigners Die In Terror Attacks

Opinion | Katie Frates
No fatal attacks on American soil? No problem!

Study Proves Judges Wrong -- 72 Convicted Terrorists Have Come From Travel-Ban Countries

National Security | Peter Hasson
'in stark contrast to the assertions by the Ninth Circuit judges'

DHS Knew OSU Attacker Was Terror Recruitment Target, Let Him Into The U.S. Anyway

US | Peter Hasson
'recruited by Al-Shabaab'

Bill Allowing Concealed Carry On College Campuses Passes Ohio Legislature

Gun Laws & Legislation | David Krayden
Shortly after a terror attack at Ohio State University

OSU Students Complain Knife-Wielding Terrorist Was Shot By A Cop

Education | Blake Neff
'Due process don't come from a cop's bullet'

Liberal Denialism 101: The More Terrible Your Actions, The Less They're Your Fault

Opinion | Katie Frates
'Willing to kill a billion infidels in retribution for a single DISABLED Muslim'

OSU Jihadi Abdul Artan Was Taking Course On Microaggressions

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Tucker Destroys Race-Baiter Who Implied Hero OSU Cop Is A Racist

US | Katie Frates
'Projection of your suspected white supremacist views'

ISIS Takes Credit For Ohio State Attack

US | Christian Datoc
'Soldier of the Islamic state'

Ohio State Attack Came Just Days After ISIS Video Encouraging Knife Attacks

US | Russ Read
ISIS released an instructional video on knife attacks

Ohio State Attacker Used Tactics 'Consistent' With Al-Qaida, ISIS

US | Russ Read
Use of a knife and car mirrors other terror groups

#NotAllMuslims React Violently To OSU's Islamophobia

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Meet The Hero Who Killed OSU Attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan

US | Katie Frates
'Shots fired'

OHIO STATE ATTACKER IDENTIFIED: Everything We Know About Abdul Razak Ali Artan

US | Christian Datoc
18-year-old Muslim, Somali refugee

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