Fed Takeover Of AIG Was Illegal, But Investors Won't Get Damages

Business | Peter Fricke

Ruling deals blow to investors, but sets precedent against future Fed takeovers

AIG strikes back: Lawsuits likely against Morgan Stanley

Business | Brendan Bordelon

‘Number of other banks’ also in crosshairs

Greenberg sues feds for $25 billion for AIG takeover - CNNMoney

Business | Kells Hetherington

Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg and his Starr International Company accused officials of discriminating against AIG

OMG, AIG: Does the insurance giant ever plan to pay back US taxpayers? - TheDC

Business | Jonathan Strong

Business deal in Taiwan has some financial analysts wondering whether AIG cares about paying back the $20 billion it owes taxpayers

FCIC conservatives: 'Too little,' 'too much' government arguments do not explain the financial crisis - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Conservative minority on Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission label final 500 page report ‘unbalanced’ in 27 page dissent

Gov't and AIG announce plan to end federal stake - AP

Business | admin

AIG announced a plan Friday to end taxpayer involvement in the company over the next two years

The administration's abysmal defense of the debt ceiling - TheDC

Feature:Opinion | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The Obama administration has constructed a political narrative that dispenses with facts and undermines confidence in the US economy.

'Stop this war' Holbrooke's last words? Not exactly. - WaPo

US | Chad Brady (admin)

An aide to Richard Holbrooke said he could not be sure of Holbrooke’s exact words and that the war comment was less serious than originally reported

U.S. diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke dead at 69 - WaPo

Politics | interns

Richard Holbrooke dies: Veteran U.S. diplomat brokered Dayton peace accords

Fed releases data on $3 trillion spent on bailouts - Bloomberg

US | A.G. Gancarski

The information posted on the Fed’s website includes the value of transactions and interest rates charged

AIG takes steps to pay back taxpayers - WaPo

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AIG raises $37 billion from Alico sale, IPO

Obama the alien

Opinion | Larry Kudlow

To be so completely disconnected from political reality and the investor class, the president must be from another planet.

A.I.G. and government agree on exit plan - NYT

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

A.I.G. owes the Fed about $46 billion and has agreed to repay that amount by the end of March 2011

AIG plots end to U.S. aid - WSJ

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

Government officials and AIG are in talks to sell off the government’s stake in the company and repay taxpayers

U.S. investors may win more rights to influence boards - Reuters

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

The SEC will meet Wednesday to decide whether to adopt a rule that would give shareholders an easier way to nominate corporate board directors

AIG in talks to get government out of the company - BusinessWeek

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The insurer has delivered to the Treasury Department a plan that includes replacing the government’s stake with private ownership

Dual role in housing deals puts spotlight on Deutsche - WSJ

Business | Chad Brady (admin)

While creating and selling mortgage securities to some of its clients, the big German bank was not only advising other clients to bet the other way, but also sometimes doing so itself

AIG chairman bails out - AP

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The executive resigned today due to an ‘ineffective and unsustainable’ working relationship with the firm’s CEO

Goldman, AIG face off in Congress over swap values - WSJ

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Sparring between Goldman Sachs and AIG moved into the public eye Thursday as the FCIC sought answers to the financial meltdown

Executives from Goldman Sachs, A.I.G. to be put in hot seat over financial crisis - WSJ

Business | Pat McMahon

Blue-ribbon panel will call key members from both companies to testify about the relationship between the two powerhouses