Google Changes 'Couple In Love' Emoji To Gender Neutral

Tech | Gabrielle Okun
'A gender-neutral or gender-inclusive display should be used'

Adware Found Pre-Installed On Android Devices Including ZTE Phones

Tech | Kyle Perisic
'Thousands of users are affected'

Former Facebook Exec: 'Most People Don't Care About Privacy'

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Brussels bureaucrats'

Study: Google's Probably Tracking Your Children If They Have These Apps Downloaded

US | Eric Lieberman
'Transmitted sensitive data over the internet'

Is Facebook Monitoring Your Texts And Phone Calls?

US | Anders Hagstrom

Facebook Has Been Collecting Call And Text Data Through Google Android Apps, And People Aren't Happy

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Contact importers'

You Can Now Delete Your WhatsApp Messages After You Send Them

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Delete for everyone'

Facebook Is Experimenting With A 'Downvote' Button

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Give us feedback'

A Remote-Controlled Sex Toy Exposed 50,000 People's Sex Lives, Says Security Company

Business | Eric Lieberman

Google Closes Huge Deal In Push For Smartphone Dominance

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Start digging in'

Google's Tracking Capabilities May Scare You

Tech | Eric Lieberman

Android Phones Could Get Hacked Because Of Wi-Fi, Says Report

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'We're aware of the issue'

Google Purges 300 Apps Used As Cyber Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Business | Eric Lieberman
'All affected devices'

Apple Targets Google In New Ad Campaign

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Will it be easy to switch to iPhone? Yes, it will.'

This App's 'Hotness' Filter Makes Everyone Whiter And People Are Mad

Business | Eric Lieberman
'We are deeply sorry for this unquestionably serious issue'

Google Android Apps Are Colluding, Sharing Users' Data Without Consent

US | Eric Lieberman
'Like the Wild West right now'

Apple Says Most Of The CIA Exploits Were Already Patched

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'We're constantly working'

Democratic Rep. Calls For Official Probe Into Trump's Unsecured Phone

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'The device President Trump insists on using has particularly well-documented vulnerabilities'

How Trump Beats The System And Uses His Old Phone

US | Eric Lieberman
'These are the most beautiful phones I've ever used in my life'

Some US Phones Are Sending All Of Your Text Messages To China

Tech | Ryan Pickrell
Budget Android phones are the primary target

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