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11 Criminals Who Would Be Fun As Members Of Congress


Hey, we’ve all made mistakes

$2 billion JPMorgan Chase settlement underscores magnitude of case

JPMorgan Chase headquarters in New York (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

‘All personnel acted in good faith’

Bernie Madoff may cost JP Morgan nearly $2 billion

Accused swindler Madoff exits the Manhattan federal court house in New York

Bank ‘could have done a better job’

Meet Bernie Madoff's rapping nephew [UPDATED]

Stu is trying to make a name for himself in the rapping game with ‘Free Uncle Bernie’

These are 6 awkward questions you really need to ask your financial adviser - BI

Bernard Madoff

‘How do I know you won’t steal my money or defraud me?’ How quickly and sincerely do they answer such a question?

Eight SEC employees disciplined over failures in Madoff fraud case; none are fired - WaPo


Chairman decided not to fire the employee, because doing so ‘would harm the agency’s work’

Playing the villain: De Niro to portray Bernie Madoff - TheDC

Largest U.S. ponzi scheme to get Hollywood treatment

Madoff's wife, son say they had no inkling of Ponzi scheme - CNN

Andrew Madoff on 60 Minutes

Surviving son: ‘I’ll never forgive him for it. And I’ll never speak to him again’

First checks sent to victims of Madoff's Ponzi scheme - CNN

The distribution is being made to the holders of 1,230 accounts and represents about 4.6 cents on the dollar of losses they incurred

Rick Perry is right: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme

Perry has simply pointed out the obvious.

Madoff estate trustee sues Barclays for $67 million - Reuters


Lawsuit one of six filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan by Madoff estate trustee

WikiLeaks says Madoff almost ripped off Qaddafi - Business Insider

According to WikiLeaks, notorious Ponzi scheme criminal Bernie Madoff approached the Libyan government about making an ‘investment’ that couldn’t lose

Looking back at 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, Ron Hart recalls his fondest memories from the past year.

Steele misses his bus stop

The only person who promised more and delivered less than Michael Steele in the last two years was Bernie Madoff.

Keith Olbermann just doesn't know any better - TheDC

We watch, because we’re paid to

Money, power & greed: security alert

The other week, Symantec, the Fortune 500 company that makes computer security software, held the first Internet-only annual meeting. There were a couple screw-ups, however.

Money, power and greed: have I got a deal for you

The Bernie Madoffs of the world are back.

The insecurity of Social Security

The Social Security Trustees recently released their annual report on the state of the Social Security program, and it’s not pretty

Spies among us

Beck, Gaga, Madoff and even Ronald McDonald as Russian spies? You be the judge

America can’t afford new tax with long-term care

As we peel away the onion of Obamacare, its full impact is becoming clearer. Of the 159 newly created commissions, boards, agencies, and programs, one of the least known but most dangerous is the Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act or CLASS Act.