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This man blames the 'radical left' for blocking Keystone

Bobby Jindal

‘What the extremist left is arguing against is affordable energy’

The GOP's higher education opportunity

Student Loans.JPEG

Millenials are skeptical of one-size-fits-all control of education policy, and they’re looking for new solutions.

Wa-bam! Christie shimmies up and smacks Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal

Chris Christie; sweat and day-old french fries

‘We are not a debating society. We are a political operation that needs to win’

Red states dominate economic competitiveness rankings

Only one state in CNBC’s top 14 is led by a Democrat

And then there were two

Now that Louisiana and Nebraska have dropped their tax reform plans, North Carolina and Kansas are the only states looking to scrap their income tax systems.

Jindal, Walker, Haley slam Obama, Republican Congress for no sequester deal - TheDC

Govs. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker in May 2012. Darren Hauck/Getty Images.

Haley: ‘There is a complete lack of leadership or responnsiblity or accountability in this town’

Republicans should embrace service taxation

By taxing services, states can make their tax codes fairer and more efficient.

Rubio champions trade schools, online courses, ‘non-traditional’ learning - TheDC

Marco Rubio

‘For the life of me I don’t understand why we have stigmatized career education in this country’

Gov. Jindal considering elimination of taxes on oil and gas extraction - TheDCNF


Jindal’s broader tax reform plan includes ending corporate and personal income taxes

Jindal proposes elimination of income and corporate taxes in Louisiana - TheDC

Bobby Jindal

Gov would replace revenues with increased sales taxes

Poll: Republicans say party needs major overhaul, Christie best positioned to help

Christie Barbara Walters.JPEG

51 percent call NJ governor ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ fit for GOP in search of victories

Jindal starts 2016 presidential speculation with school-choice argument - TheDC


Jindal called on lawmakers to put partisanship aside on issues like school choice

Jindal's ambitious charter school initiative struck down in court - TheDCNF

Bobby Jindal. AP images.

Judge strikes down Louisiana’s ambitious education reforms

Now more than ever, we need to put students first

Louisiana’s landmark education reform is in court this week.

Election results a reminder that conservatives are overly skeptical of data

Many Republicans predicted that Romney would win the election, even though he was behind in battleground state polls.

WEINSTEIN: 13 possible Republican presidential contenders for 2016 - TheDC

Who will be the next president of the United States?

Old favorites, newcomers, and a surprise or two

Jindal: Obama only surges in polls when 'distorting' Romney's record

‘President Obama can’t run on his record’

Teachers union, reformers set to battle in Louisiana court - TheDCNF

Gulf Oil Spill

Teachers’ unions have sued to block Gov. Jindal’s voucher program

Louisiana school choice program already helping students

About 5,000 Pelican State students are eligible for the new program.

Obama drops plans, follows Romney to Louisiana - TheDC

Barack Obama

‘President Obama will head to Louisiana on Monday to visit damage from Hurricane Isaac’