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Romney's considerations for vice president

The five factors that the presumptive GOP nominee is weighing.

Jindal, McDonnell slam Obamacare as a job killer - TheDC

Bob McDonnell, Bobby Jindal

Va., La. governors bash health care law

George Will says Jindal for VP, Peggy Noonan says Portman - TheDC

Columnists make the case for who would be the strongest for Mitt Romney

Romney holding weekend retreat with VP potentials, excluding Rubio - TheDC

Marco Rubio

Thune, Jindal, Pawlenty, Portman, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan and Condoleezza Rice to attend exclusive Utah event

Nikki Haley suggests Bobby Jindal or Condolezza Rice for VP - TheDC

Romney 2012.JPEG

‘My preference would be Bobby Jindal or Condi Rice’

Why trial lawyers love Bobby Jindal

Jindal’s past is full of troubling ties to the parasitic personal injury bar.

Jindal tamps down VP speculation - TheDC


‘He’ll pick the person who will do the best job as president and make that decision not based on political or other grounds’

Source: Jindal convinced Perry to oust trusted adviser - TheDC's Matt Lewis

‘You cannot question Governor Jindal’s influence with Governor Perry. He definitely played a big part’

Schoolhouse rocked: Bobby Jindal brings real education reform to Louisiana

Jindal is about to sign some of the most sweeping education reform legislation in American history.

Louisiana Dems drip with irony, endorse Jindal for Romney VP slot - TheDC

Louisiana Elections.JPEG

‘The Louisiana Democratic Party encourages Bobby Jindal to go after his national ambitions’

Republican governors: Obama is all talk, no action - TheDC

Campaign GOP Governors

Jindal: ‘He’s great at delivering a speech. Unfortunately, the actions don’t match the record’

Bobby Jindal joins Iowa fray - TheDC

Rick Perry Bobby Jindal AP

Attending Perry events, backing part-time Congress

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wins re-election, defeats 9 challengers - AP

Bobby Jindal

Most lopsided victory since La. began open-primary system began in 1975

Despite endorsement, Bobby Jindal says he's not interested in V.P. - TheDC

Republicans Debate

‘No, I will not be V.P. I want to be governor of the great state of Louisiana’

Report: Jindal to endorse Perry - TheDC

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana governor is expected to announce his support before tonight’s tea party debate

Louisiana filing deadline leaves Jindal with token opposition - TheDC

Bobby Jindal

Nine candidates file to oppose heavily-favored incumbent governor

Five tips for Republican hopefuls

To win the GOP nomination, candidates will have to make bold moves.

SPLC use of 'hate group' label under fire - TheDC

Family Research Council, top GOP lawmakers fight back against SPLC ‘hate group’ label

The tax deal is this cycle's 'bailout'

Just as TARP came back to haunt its GOP supporters in 2010, the tax deal may come back to haunt its GOP supporters in 2012.

Nancy Pelosi: Turkey of the year

This year, Pelosi beat out Bobby Jindal and Barack Obama to win the coveted “Turkey of the Year” award.