Union-Backed Protest Groups Target People's Burgers Over Trump Nom

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No Food sign: PiggyBank/shutterstock

‘Not My Labor Secretary’

Fast-Food Workers Defend Trump's Pick For Labor Secretary

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Patsy Eskilson, Hardee's employee from Lake City, Florida: Dominique McKay

‘You’re never going to make everybody happy, never’

Fans Go Wild Over Samantha Hoopes's Latest Photos

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Samantha Hoopes cleavage

Her fans went nuts

Charlotte McKinney Photographed Nude On The Beach

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Charlotte McKinney posts nude photo on Instagram

She showed her fans everything…

Sports Illustrated Model Is Shirtless Again [PHOTOS]

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Samantha Hoopes defends her right to wear skimpy clothing. (Photo: TMZ screen grab)

‘If you got it, flaunt it’

This Might Be Charlotte McKinney's Sexiest Commercial Yet

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‘I’ve never done anything like this before’

Hot Carl's Jr. Model Says Tex Mex Commercial Isn't Racist [VIDEO]

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It’s being criticized as ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’

New Carl's Jr Bikini Volleyball Ad Makes One Thing Clear: We Need A Border Wall ASAP

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Should we build a wall? … take TheDC’s poll!

Hooray! Ronda Rousey Stars In Her Own Sexy Carl's Jr. Commercial

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‘Knockout. Breakfast. Sandwich.’

The GOP B-League Debaters, Rated As B-League Fast Food Restaurants

Satire | Blake Neff

Is Rick Santorum In-N-Out or just another Blimpie?

This Has Got To Be THE MOST Patriotic Carl's Jr. Commercial Yet

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Stars? Check. Stripes? Check. BIKINI? Check.

Kim Kardashian Absolutely Sucked At Eating Carl's Jr. Burgers, Apparently

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‘You really have to go at it’

Here's How Charlotte McKinney Spent Her Weekend [PHOTOS]

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Hint: It involves a boat and a cut-out swimsuit

PHOTOS: Go Behind The Scenes Of Charlotte McKinney's Racy Carl's Jr. Commercial

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It was deemed too risqué for the Super Bowl

Is Charlotte McKinney Wearings Pants In This Photo? NOPE.

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Video of Charlotte McKinney on Dancing With The Stars

Who needs ’em?

Charlotte McKinney Dancing In A Bikini Is More Evidence That She's The Next Kate Upton [VIDEO]

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We’d like to introduce this into evidence, your honor

You Won't Believe What Charlotte McKinney Wears To Dinner

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Or rather, what she doesn’t wear

You Won't Believe How Charlotte McKinney Is Preparing For 'Dancing With The Stars'

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Somebody warn the competition