The Women Charlie Sheen Has Dated [PHOTOS]

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Charlie Sheen reportedly diagnosed with HIV. (Photo: Elsa/Getty Images)

A new report claims the actor is HIV positive

Shocking National Enquirer Report Names The Hollywood Star With HIV

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Charlie Sheen's daughters found out he had HIV on the news. (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Actor to make ‘big announcement’ Tuesday

Bobby Jindal Alienates Coked-Out Playboy Voters

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It's too bad that Charlie Sheen changed his name. He really does seem more like a Carlos Irwin Estévez.

Who woulda thought he’d seek THAT constituency?

Charlie Sheen CUSSED OUT Denise Richards On Father's Day

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Calls her a ‘piece of s**t’ and ‘worst mom alive’

Obama Gaffe Reveals His Sadness

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U.S. President Barack Obama walks across the South Lawn to depart via Marine One helicopter for travel to California from the White House in Washington June 18, 2015.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTX1H4OM

‘Little Freudian slip’

Charlie Sheen Gives Drug Addicted MLB Player LITERALLY The Worst Advice Ever

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Josh Hamilton and Charlie Sheen (Getty Images)

Yeah… ‘F**k AA’ is LITERALLY the last thing he needs to hear

Charlie Sheen: 'We Deserve More From Our President' [VIDEO]

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Goes OFF on Obama day after chiding him for making March Madness bracket

Charlie Sheen Is Furious That Obama Filled Out A March Madness Bracket

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Calls him out for skipping a soldier’s funeral

Hey, Everybody, Charlie Sheen Is A Republican

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Because Charlie Sheen's tiger blood and Adonis DNA still wouldn't help him curry favor with the people.


14 People Brian Williams Would RATHER Not Have Defending Him

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David Duke, Fareed Zakaria and Lena Dunham to name a few

Charlie Sheen: 'Go F*** Yourself, Kim Kardashian'

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Well, someone’s not a fan of the Kardashians

Charlie Sheen Calls Off Wedding To Porn Star

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But why?

Charlie Sheen Pulls Knife On Dentist

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Not winning

Charlie Sheen Pledges $1,000 To Waiter Stiffed By NFL Player

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Twenty cent tip stirs up controversy

The Ten Best Mugshots Of Politicians And Celebrities

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They know how to make a good or bad mugshot

Charlie Sheen Also Goes To Taco Bell When Drunk

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Celebrities: They’re just like us

11 Criminals Who Would Be Fun As Members Of Congress

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Hey, we’ve all made mistakes

One of these 20 people could replace CNN's Piers Morgan. Who would you prefer?

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Morgan’s out, but who should be in?

Charlie Sheen reveals why he is 'the most cancelled guest' in 'Tonight Show' history

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You won’t believe Charlie’s excuses