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Comcast to offer subsidized Internet service to low-income families - Time

If your kids qualify for lunch under the National School Lunch Program, you may qualify for $10 per month service

Exec at NBC parent company raises $1.2 million for Obama - TheDC


Comcast’s executive vice president hosts Obama fundraiser with $10,000 per person price tag for admission

Sen. Kerry owns $1.75m stake in Comcast, News Corp - TheDC

New report reveals members of Congress own stakes in media companies

Glenn Beck: Olbermann is 'the biggest pain in the ass in the world' - TheDC

‘You can handle the mediocre ratings if the guy’s not a total pain in the ass, but from every indication, Keith Olbermann is the biggest pain in the ass in the world’

Is Comcast already beginning to re-shape MSNBC? - TheDC

Comcast has denied any involvement in the decision, but the timing of its acquisition of NBC Universal has led to speculation

NBC-Comcast may be doomed to failure - TheDC

Media reformers sound doomsday warning over FCC approval, despite fact recent media mergers failed

NBC Universal, Comcast pander to civil rights organizations for FCC merger approval - TheDC

Merger between NBC Universal and Comcast includes deal with civil rights organizations to help win FCC chairman’s approval

The FCC risks over-conditioning the Comcast-NBCU merger

FCC commissioners should be aware of the limits of their ability to predict future marketplace developments.

TheDC Morning: Feds may have to bail out Detroit for a second time - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

FCC Chairman proposes approval of Comcast takeover - WSJ

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed approving Comcast Corp.’s deal to acquire control of NBC Universal

What happens after we have 'net neutrality?' - TheDC

The FCC moves forward with Internet regulation to ‘protect basic Internet values’

FCC eyeing December push on net neutrality - TheDC

Genachowski and the FCC to start net regulation next month

Taxing the middleman - Bloomberg

Comcast has enacted a new charge to the video provider used by Netflix, alarming ‘net neutrality’ proponents

After Eagles' Vick goes down, McNabb ends up on top - Philadelphia Inquirer

For the Eagles, the immediate concern – again – is what happens at quarterback

Zucker to step down from NBC - NYT

Expected to leave company once Comcast takes over

Public face of net neutrality lacks transparency - TheDC

Free Press fails to report secret visits with regulators and congressmen, slams FCC for lack of transparency

Deepwater Verizon: FCC threatens Web 'ecosystem' - THE DAILY CALLER

After getting their hands slapped by a federal court for overreaching, the FCC makes another attempt at regulating Internet service providers

FCC Internet regulation: A ‘third way’ or third rail?

Once the FCC reclassifies broadband access as a telecommunications service, there is plain prospect of a wave of potential regulations, whether they come in the form of a slow trickle or a sudden surge. Initial reactions suggest that the clean up of a policy decision taken in 2005, applied in 2008, and derailed by a court in 2010, will not be a tidy and uncomplicated “third way” but a messy fight that may make the last few years of squabbling about Net Neutrality look like a well-mannered cotillion

GOP not prepared 2 take on net neutrality

This is a good time 4 Congressional Republicans—some of whom R afraid that using a mouse could piss off PETA—2 show some humility

Sorry, Mr. President, technology empowers us all

President Obama was right to encourage graduates to become responsible and active members of their community. However, he sadly left them thinking it was harder than simply logging in online and getting started