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Former Redskin Signs With Rival, Then Calls Logo Racist

Sports | Sebastian Obando
'Didn't appreciate you'

Dems Are Freaking Out Because Jeb Doesn't Think Redskins Need To Change Name

Elections | Christian Datoc
'It's a sport for crying out loud.'

NFL, MLB Owners Shell Out HUGE Donations To Jeb Bush

Politics | Christian Datoc
Bush's 'Right To Rise' super-PAC has raised over $100 million since January

Host Of Show Named After Genocidal Political Faction Continues To Demand Redskins Name Change

Opinion | Joel Reed
The Young Turks should change their name first.

Redskins Should Make NFL Pay To Change Team Name

Opinion | W. James Antle III
It's time to shake down the PC shakedown artists.

Dan Snyder Has Been Buying Off The Media, And I Want My Cut

Sports | Seth Richardson
'He came into ownership with an if-you-can't-beat-'em-buy-'em approach'

Redskins Owner Correctly Blames Team Name Controversy On Internet 'Clicks'

Sports | Patrick Howley
Ah, the Internet

Patent Office Gives An Inadvertent Assist To The Redskins

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Dan Snyder should fight the ruling, then when he wins, change the name.

Remember When Anti-Redskins Activist Harry Reid Called Obama 'Light-Skinned'?

Politics | Patrick Howley
'it is just a matter of time until he is forced to do the right thing'

SNEAK PEAK: Watch The Anti-Redskins Ad That Will Play Tonight

Sports | Sarah Hofmann
It will only play in seven cities during the NBA finals tonight

Tribe Refused To Appear At Washington Redskins Event

Sports | Sarah Hofmann
'If the Washington team wants to talk to tribal leaders, they should do so openly and respectfully'

Senate Uses Government Time, Money To Write Letter Against The Redskins Name

Sports | Sarah Hofmann
50 senators, including fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, say the team name is a racial slur

Redskins owner makes name-change announcement

Sports | Sarah Hofmann
Congresswoman not pleased

A modest proposal for the Washington Redskins

Satire | Ken Allard
It's time for some truth in advertising

Indians not mad about 'Tomahawk' missiles

US | Patrick Howley
Tribe decides not to be outraged at Obama

The real reason the argument over the Redskins' name matters

Opinion | S. T. Karnick
It matters because of its implications for the role of government in our lives.

ERIC MCERLAIN: Another lost Redskins season is in the making

Opinion | Eric McErlain
Just six games into the season, the Washington Redskins are already almost out of playoff contention.

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