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Steyn rips Kennedy for 'pathetic,' 'immature' opinion in DOMA ruling

‘It basically says the guys who did it were motivated only by an antipathy to gay people’

Oliver North: Military being used as 'lab rats' in 'radical' social experiment

North warns of possible court martials for chaplains who refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies

Churches debate role of gays after Supreme Court decision

Britain Archbishop Enthronement.JPEG
Religious leaders confront gay marriage

Christie slams Supreme Court DOMA ruling

(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said the Supreme Court’s decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act was “wrong,”

GOP congressman plans to file federal marriage amendment to the Constitution

Tim Huelskamp

‘This radical usurpation of legislative and popular authority will not end the debate over marriage in this country’

Scalia slams fellow Justices in DOMA dissent

Supreme Court Gay Marraige
Says majority holds 'exalted conception' of own power

Clintons praise Supreme Court reversal of Bill Clinton's gay marriage ban

Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary once declared ‘DOMA served a very useful purpose’

Huckabee on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling: 'Jesus wept'


Former Republican Arkansas governor and radio talk show host makes fundraising pitch off high court’s ruling

ACLU launches campaign to win GOP support for gay marriage

Portman Gay Marriage.JPEG

The American Civil Liberties Union announced a new initiative aimed at winning Republican support for gay marriage at the state level.

DNC fundraises off Supreme Court ruling, again

DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. AP Photo/Lynne Sladky.

The Democratic National Committee has turned the most recent Supreme Court rulings into money-making opportunities.

Pelosi flubs attempt to bash Republicans on gay marriage [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi apparently meant to refer to the 2005 Marriage Protection Act

O'Reilly: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton 'sleazy politicians' who 'don't care about gays' [VIDEO]

‘The O’Reilly Factor’ host lashes out at last two Democratic presidents for ‘evolving’

The beginning of the end of the gay marriage debate?

This spring, the Supreme Court will issue rulings on two landmark gay marriage cases.

Supreme Court doesn't act on gay marriage cases

Wedding cake. AP images.

Justices defer explosive ruling for later date

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is living out 'a dictator's wet dream' - TheDC

Radio host: If ‘the regime’ doesn’t like a law, ‘voila — it’s no longer enforced’

You want a 'permissible federal interest' for DOMA? How about cold, hard cash?

Last week, the First Circuit tossed out portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Court rules gay marriage law unconstitutional - AP

Gay Rights Parade

The Defense of Marriage Act’s fate will likely be decided by the Supreme Court

Schumer channels Rev. King: 'We can't wait' to repeal marriage law [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘Just as people had all these reasons why we shouldn’t have racial equality … we see the same thing happening today’

Ethics group: Defense of Marriage Act renders bribery, nepotism laws unenforceable - TheDC

US Census Same Sex Couples

Calls it ‘irrational and over-broad legislation, which interferes with and undermines other important federal policies’