Now your frozen yogurt comes with a topping of cleavage

US | Taylor Bigler

Cups is the Hooters of frozen yogurt chains

New ice cream: Cherry Garcia minus the cherries - Mercury News

US | interns

Card-carrying marijuana patients can buy marijuana-infused ice creams at California ice cream shops

Presenting the K99: An ice cream van for dogs - Metro

| interns

While the rest of us swelter in the bizarrely non-British summer temperatures, dogs can relax safe in the knowledge that there is now an ice-cream van dedicated solely to them

Four crazy culinary contraptions - TheDC

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The weirdest kitchen gadgets on the market, including motorized ice cream cones and candy toilets

We all scream for ice cream - TheDC

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National Ice Cream month recipes for July, including homemade ice cream cones

Fourth of July snacks - TheDC

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Recipes for the holiday weekend, including a ‘fruit tart flag’

5 teenage girls hold up store armed with a gun, a knife, and a hammer, steal only ice cream - 3News

| interns

They took off with between 50 and 70 ice-creams

Company recalling Girl Scout cookies - The Daily Caller

US | Pat McMahon

One of the manufacturers of the famous Girl Scout cookies announced a recall today

Ben & Jerry push fair trade

Business | AJ

Here’s some sweet news for ice cream lovers: Ben & Jerry’s yummy ice creams will soon all be fair trade sweetened and flavored